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    GDT #46: Jan 12, 2020, 7:00 - Sweeps Week

    I think so too Hl, if you look at his positioning on some of those goals he does not look like he normally does. I could see this team not wanting anybody to know Freddy is playing through some stuff, we are already screwed on the negotiating table...hell,we're the main course.
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    “Incident” at Pickering nuclear plant

    Superheroes in waiting.
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    OT: American Politics

    There is a slight difference between people using semantical b******* to suggest they don't have enough to get him versus the there's nothing there crowd. Slight, just enough IQ points to make you human 😚
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    Peart, drummer from the band Rush, dead.

    Probably technically the best drummer ever.
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    Peart, drummer from the band Rush, dead.

    Better Thread title please, everybody should know what this thread is.
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    OT: American Politics

    Yep, that's why I'm pretty sure holmes has hacked beleafer....I don'tr agree with the guy generally, but I never thought of beleafer as stupid (far from it), but it's my opinion that only a trumpanzee or similarly stunted person could read the Mueller report and come away thinking they found...
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    OT: Favourite Youtube videos

    You've got to see this. He doesn't start kicking in right away, but this is the funniest thing I've ever seen today
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    GDT #45: JAN 8 7:30, Jets @ Leafs

    I think JT needs the winner.
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    GDT #44: JAN 6, 7:00 - Matthews vs 2nd Best Player of his Generation

    So.....you're saying there's a chance?
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    Around the League 2019-2020 Edition

    They choked away the end of the game, but they also had a touchdown taken away. AT first I was okay with the ruling, but once someone mentioned a guy hitting a home run, missing second base and losing said run...I changed my mind. He didn't take a knee, **** em.
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    GDT #43: JAN 4, 7:00 - Captain's Revenge

    I feel like this is one of the more important games of this run they've been on, just being able to play this style and come out with the win....nice.
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    GDT #43: JAN 4, 7:00 - Captain's Revenge

    So far so good, love the way we are playing these guys.
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    OT: American Politics

    So every political party uses war, and as Black Sabbath says, they don't do the dying. This is where this age of reason needs to start actually doing something.
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    The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread

    The Isles play to capitalize on mistakes...that's not Hutch's strong suit. Hopefully tonight he's Clutchinson. Regardless of the goalie, this is a real test.