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  • Hey Disco.. I never even noticed this reply until today. Funny you mention ppenguins82. She was my girlfriend at the time. We got married in September.
    Hey HabsP, thanks for the note, hope all is well with you! Glad you remember that league, I put my time into it and had fun, lots of trading, including a few with ppenguins82, your friend at the time I believe, paid off, with a league win, but I think it was the second league, a few more of you big guys were in the first, not sure I would have done so well trading there. Good times, glad to see you here, see you on the message board!
    Hey Disco, great to see you back here. It's been awhile. I remember that league too. I liked having you in there with all your trade offers.
    Ahhhh...forever 28, wouldn't that be nice...unfortunately, I haven't seen it for 6 years now. Thank you for the birthday wish. Now go accept your friend request from me! :)
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