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    2019-20 Misc. Grab Bag Thread

    The Doobies before Michael McDonald ... think "China Grove".
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    The Justin Williams Return Thread

    Complete garbage if true. I'd play for free coming in for half a season.
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    GDT: Canes v. Flyers 1/7 7:00

    Time to decide if coming to play is important to these guys. This home stand has been a bust. It should been a statement time, but for some reason too many are just mailing it in. Yes, Aho ... I'm looking right at you. Time to get off the cruise control and step on the gas.
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    GDT: Canes v. Lightning 1/5 5:00

    Why is TT parked on the right side on the PP? Can we move Svetch there and at least attempt some Ovie one timers?
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    GDT: Canes v. Sharks 12/5 7:00

    I don't get the Staal - Svech tango. Why is our most promising sniper playing along side a hands of feet grinder like Staal? I say put together a for sure #1 line and make the other team try to shut them down.
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    2019-20 Canes Miscellaneous News Thread

    Well at least they don't crisscross the boarder and have to deal with customs checks. That's a plus.
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    GDT: Canes @ Bruins 12/3 7:00

    If the Canes play soft like they did against Nashville, they will get run off the rink.
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    GDT: Canes @ Wild 11/16 2:00

    And that was E.Staal's shot as well when he beat Brodeur in '09.
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    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 11/7 7:00

    Good point. We really need a vocal bench leader that leads by emotion. It's just not in Staal's nature. Oh well. It is what it is and it's not changing, so we move on ...
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    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 11/7 7:00

    Absolutely, it's not all on Jordan. The mark of a good team is when they run into a rough patch, the leaders lead they way out of it. Maybe Martinook is the straw that stirs this team's drink. And if so, place the "C" on his sweater please.
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    GDT: Canes v. Sens 11/11 7:00

    Can't fall behind. We stink when we don't score first.
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    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 11/7 7:00

    Well I do think it is fair to complain about lack of leadership on this team. I'm not feelin' it.
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    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 11/7 7:00

    Amen. Our D has been under some severe pressure lately. Need a complete team game to right the ship. PP is still their Achilles Heal. Fix that and you get some breathing room during the game.
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    2019-20 Miscellaneous NHL/Hockey News Thread

    Numbing article from ESPN. Calling Dr. Long
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    2019-20 Canes Miscellaneous News Thread

    I was there. Andre Kovolenko scored the first Hurricanes goal. Wasn't it originally called the RESA?