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  1. Killer93

    NHL Season Suspended

    To be announced tonight
  2. Killer93

    The Official Trade Deadline Day Thread

    Don’t expect there to be a ton of activity tomorrow. Hoping Dubas can sell what he can and give some Marlies a shot to play. Most likely gone is Barrie, what do we get in return?
  3. Killer93

    GDT #82: Season Finale, Thank you Bob Cole

    PROJECTED Leaf Lineup tonight: Hyman-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander Marleau-Kadri-Kapanen Moore-Gauthier-Brown Rosen-Rielly Gardiner-Holl Marincin-Ozhiganov Andersen vs Lindgren Scratches: Muzzin, Dermott, Zaitsev, Hainsey, Ennis, Petan Must win.
  4. Killer93

    GDT #74: TOR @ BUF Searching for a spark

    Leaf line rushes in Buffalo: Hyman-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander Marleau-Kadri-Kapanen Moore-Petan-Brown Rielly-Hainsey Muzzin-Zaitsev Holl-Ozhiganov Sparks starts. Must win.
  5. Killer93

    GDT #72: Leafs @ Sens HNIC

    Leafs enter tonight’s game trailing Boston by 2 points for second place. Bruins play the Jackets tonight, we could reclaim home ice with a big win. No lineup changes meaning Holl plays back to back for the first time this season, Sparks starts. Hyman-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander...
  6. Killer93


    Zach Hyman returns tonight for the Leafs, Justin Holl in for Ozzy. Must win. Hyman-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander Marleau-Kadri-Brown Moore-Gauthier-Ennis Rielly-Hainsey Muzzin-Zaitsev Marincin-Holl Andersen
  7. Killer93

    GDT #65: ****ing Win HNIC

    ****ing win
  8. Killer93

    GDT #48 Coyotes @ Maple Leafs Marty Returns!!

    #Leafs lines in warmups vs. Arizona: Hyman-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Brown Marleau-Kadri-Kapanen Lindholm-Gauthier-Nylander Rielly-Hainsey Dermott-Zaitsev Marincin-Ozhiganov Andersen Sparks Gardiner day-to-day with back spasms
  9. Killer93

    GDT #43: Maple Leafs @ Devils 7pm EST

    Leaf line rushes in N.J: Hyman-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Kapanen Marleau-Kadri-Nylander Lindholm-Gauthier-Brown Rielly-Hainsey Gardiner-Zaitsev Dermott-Ozhiganov Hutchinson starts. #Leafsforever⁠ ⁠
  10. Killer93

    GDT #41 Canucks @ Maple Leafs HNIC 7PM EST

    Leaf line rushes tonight: Brown-Tavares-Marner Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander Marleau-Kadri-Kapanen Lindholm-Gauthier-Moore Rielly-Hainsey Gardiner-Zaitsev Dermott-Ozhiganov Hutchinson starts. #leafsforever⁠ ⁠ Big win boys
  11. Killer93

    Merry Christmas

    All the best to everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday season
  12. Killer93

    GDT #36: Rangers @ Maple Leafs 7PM EST CBC w/Bob Cole

    Bob Cole is calling the game, early Christmas gift from CBC. I smell another blow out win.
  13. Killer93

    Nazem Kadri suspended for 3 games

    Kadri gets 3 games
  14. Killer93

    Hey Nerds: Macbooks!

    So my macbook has almost run its course. Been using a 13' Macbook Pro since 2011 but looking to make an upgrade within the next month. Anyone share their experiences on which route I should take Macbook vs Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro? The new touch bar seems awesome but the price point does scare...
  15. Killer93

    The ****ing Off-Season Thread 2017

    Incredible season. Proud of what the team accomplished and the growth in our young guns. Lots of decisions and choices await in the off-season. I feel as though a lot of us will be let down as I don't think there will be HUGE significant changes. Really hoping we had at least one top 4 d-man...
  16. Killer93

    Kings @Leafs ****ing game thread

    ****ing Leafs will lose 5-3; setting over/under at 5.5 for amount of shots before Bernier allows first goal
  17. Killer93

    GDT: Leafs @ Jackets | The Return of David Clarkson

    Go Jays Go
  18. Killer93

    Hackey Night | Little Bros @ Big Bros.

    This team stinks. Reimer starts Hope to see Grabner get a shot as we need some more skill in top 9
  19. Killer93

    Leafs @ Wings

    Bernier allows first shot: 1-0 Wings
  20. Killer93

    Nonis & Horachek Fired!

    Details coming, Horachek gone as well