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  1. zeke

    Hey Nerds - Back Surgeons

    Looks like my dad needs a disc removed. Maybe urgently. Anyone have an in?
  2. zeke

    GDT #70: Mar 10 2020, TB @ TOR - I will show you fear in a handful of dust

    And in to the stretch run we go! With Stamkos and Hedman out and Rielly back, the Leafs are finally not the more injured team for the first time in a long time. no excuses. Either win and send a message to an elite team and our likeliest first round opponent , or lose and fall out of playoff...
  3. zeke

    GDT #69, dude - 10pm - cody comes back

    Lines guess: Hyman-Matthews-Marner Nylander-Tavares-Malgin Clifford-Kerfoot-Kapanen Engvall-Gauthier-Spezza Dermott-Holl Marincin-Barrie Sandin-Ceci Markstrom
  4. zeke

    GDT #67: Run that Train right down through Cali

    Taking care of business against 3 pretty much just plain crap teams this week could really, really, really do wonders for us heading into the homestretch. A clean sweep takes us to a 100pt pace and likely in the top-10, with a chance to overtake some teams like the Isles down the stretch. And...
  5. zeke

    GDT #66 - motherfucking train keeps on rolling

    Canucks are kind of a terrible team but with two very, very special players in Hughes and Pettersson, who are both legit elite talents. Up until recently, they also had a goalie covering over a whole lotta flaws. But now Markstrom is injured, without a decent replacement, so there's no excuse...
  6. zeke

    GDT #62: Canes @ Leafs

    Do the leafs build on last game and have another dominant performance, or do they get cocky and revert back? This is a big swing game against a team right there in our playoff race. Must win.
  7. zeke

    GDT #62: Pens @ Leafs - The Quarter Pole or the Gallows Pole?

    Final Quarter Pole of the season comes at 10:00 of the 2nd period.
  8. zeke

    GDT #61: Feb 18, 7pm, Leafs @ Pens

    gut check time. Pens aren't exactly playing great hockey right now, but they have 3 guys who are playing at peak, peak levels, and they happen to be the 3 most important players - Sid, Geno, and Jarry. Henny gave me hope this morning when he said that the lacklustre Murray was getting the...
  9. zeke

    GDT #60: please, freddy

    Don't suck.
  10. zeke

    GDT #59: Feb 15 HNIC - Leafs @ Sens

    Must Win.
  11. zeke

    GDT #58: Feb 13, 2020 - Stars @ Leafs

    The Stars have managed to ugly up some wins in the shitty conference, but I still don't buy that they're actually a good team. they do, however, have good goaltending, so it would be nice to see the top line show up like they did last time against this team. 2 patsy games this weekend, so it'd...
  12. zeke

    GDT #57: Feb 11 7:00 - Yotes @ Leafs

    Struggling Yotes on a back to back......must win. who knows who is playing or what the lines are, so here's just our whole team's numbers:
  13. zeke

    GDT #56: Leafs @ Habs HNIC

    Trap game. Habs'll be pumped. Price is a bit hot. We're 3rd gm in 4 nights and 2nd of a back2back, lots of injuries, and still have idontknowwhat in net. Must win.
  14. zeke

    GDT #55: Feb 7, 7:00 - Ducks @ Leafs

    We reach the exact 2/3 mark of the season during the 2nd intermission. So we have lots of time to make up the 2gms we're back of a playoffs spot. Here's the team with the new additions:
  15. zeke

    GDT #55: Feb 5 7:30, Leafs @ Rangers

    Get back on the horse. Just win.
  16. zeke

    GDT #54: Feb 3 7:00 - Leafs v Panthers

    Big game for a lot of reasons. Obviously there's just the straight head to head with the team ahead of us in the division, and beating them would launch us past them in the real standings. But the last 3 wins have almost recovered us from that ice cold stretch heading into the break, and one...
  17. zeke

    GDT #51: JAN 29 7:30 - Leafs @ Stars

    You'll hear a lot about how Dallas has changed their strategy from offensive to defensive "winning" hockey, and there's some argument that they have, but their success this year is more likely due to goaltending (best sv% in hockey by a large margin) and a crappy western conference than any...