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  1. DonKay

    2019 Free Agent Season

    Notice I did not just make this a UFA thread as rumors are swirling that FA may get some offer sheets this summer. I find the most interesting part of this seasons UFA class is that there are several that are in that 27-30 age range. Does this make long term offers a bit easier to digest when...
  2. DonKay

    Around the League: 2019-2020 Regular Season

    Some kind of atmosphere in Long Island Isles scored 30 seconds in but looking at it for off side. TB just toying around with Columbus, already 2-0
  3. DonKay

    Draft Lottery 2019

    So can someone throw some odds at our chances of at least moving up? I won’t get greedy but I would be content getting somewhere around 12-11 What kind of jump did Carolina make last year?
  4. DonKay

    Final Preseason Game: Habs @ Sens

    Final tune up game Thank Goodness
  5. DonKay

    Post Mortem 2017-18 Season - Molson, Bergevin, players

    Comments from Gallagher and Danault were not very encouraging. Gallagher wasn't shy as he went on to say that the problems were recognized right out of camp and nothing got done to fix them. Is this a comment towards the coach or GM?
  6. DonKay

    Marc Bergevin: Post Mortem 2016/17 season

    I remember vividly last year when Philip Cantin asked MB why this team has trouble scoring and if it has something to do with the system or talent. MB got extremely offended and became defensive and condescending in answering the question. Has MB earned the right to act that way when his own...
  7. DonKay

    Bergevin press conference

    http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/bergevin-explique-ses-d%C3%A9cisions-1re-partie-3.1138898 http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/bergevin-explique-ses-d%C3%A9cisions-2e-partie-3.1138916 http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/hockey/lnh/canadiens/bergevin-explique-ses-d%C3%A9cisions-3e-partie-3.1138900
  8. DonKay

    2015 UFA/RFA Talk

    So with the UFA season quickly approaching I though we should begin discussing possibilities, favourites etc... http://stats.nhlnumbers.com/free_agents It's thin on top end talent but loaded with role/depth players
  9. DonKay

    Bergevin Post Mortem

    Good questions so far from martin lemay Interesting one. Is the defensive image/philosophy the way you want your team to go forward with? MB: You need to be solid defensively to win in the playoffs
  10. DonKay

    Line Up Your Lineups

    Ok, here goes Max Pleks DSP AG Eller Gallagher DD DLR PA Weise Flynn Mitchell
  11. DonKay

    Habs acquire Devante Smith-Pelly from Ducks for Jiri Sekac

    Being reported as a done deal
  12. DonKay

    Power Play fix

    It's not really getting any better is it. So what would you do to attempt a fix. A lot of suggestions being thrown around. Here's some ideas I have heard Let's start with the points...I have to assume no one would touch Subban/Markov but as I've heard on the radio some would start inserting...
  13. DonKay

    Bergevin Post Mortem - June 2 - 11AM

    MB will be having his annual post mortem presser at 11 AM Let's post all coments here Can be caught on RDS.ca or TSN690