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  1. jeffbear

    COVID-19 Thread

    Since the understandable surge in posts about this global health crisis has swamped the "Grab Bag" thread ... here's a place to let it all hang out without mixing in conversation about simulated NCAA Tournaments and the like. Carry on ... For starters, here's what I think is a non-paywalled...
  2. jeffbear

    GDT: Canes @ Dallas, 2/11 at 8:30 pm Eastern

    One more road game in yet another time zone and the Canes can come back home ... and we can quite puzzling through what the heck the start time might be tonight. Dallas is on tap. The home of the Canes' owner ... the Big D ... the World's biggest Cow Town ... the king of North American suburban...
  3. jeffbear

    Hurricanes All Decade Team

    Chip Alexander did his usual in the NandO recently, but let's take a hard look at a six man all decade team. Two wingers, one center, two D and one goaltender. Biggest impact in the actual decade, not potential and not history. Starting in the 2010-11 season and running through this one. Sound...
  4. jeffbear

    GDT: Canes vs Captials, 12/28 @ 7:00 pm Eastern

    In a classic case of the schedule providing you with exactly the thing you do NOT need right now ... Carolina hosts the Capitals tonight. Look. You know the drill. The Canes have lost their ever loving minds and forgotten how to play anything like team defense since they got back from that...
  5. jeffbear

    GDT: Hurricanes at Rangers, 12/27/19 at 7:00pm Eastern

    Carolina makes the last road trip of 2019 with a one game jaunt to New York City to take on the Rangers in MSG. Along with the rest of the league, the Canes took two days off for Christmas so everybody ought to be equally rusty for this one. New York has won 1 of their last 5 games ... a 5-1...
  6. jeffbear

    Merry/Happy/Ho, Ho, Ho

    Merry Christmas folks! I'm prolly off the CPU from here until Boxing Day so I wanted to tell you all that I hope you all enjoy the holiday in whatever way you choose to do such things. For the travelers, stay safe. For the stay at homers, same ... because most accidents happen in your own home...
  7. jeffbear

    2019-20 Misc. Grab Bag Thread

    What to discuss something outside of the orbit of the Hurricanes, the NHL or hockey in general? Well, here you go. I'm aware that this might get more action during the summer, but at least it gives us a place to converse about stuff that doesn't really fit in other threads. Plus, it keeps off...
  8. jeffbear

    GDT: Canes vs. Predators, Nov 29, 7:30 pm

    Ooo, ooo, Black Friday ... queue up the Kiss classic Black Diamond for today's ear worm. Queue up The Replacements cover from the Let it Be record if you want the definitive version. Anyway, we all can fend off our turkey and stuffing hangovers and spend whatever is left out our energy after...
  9. jeffbear

    2019-20 NHL Prediction Thread

    OK boys ... enough messing around. It's the last weekend before the season starts and it's time to stick out your necks and make some tough calls. Let's look at your predictions for the season. Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Tampa Boston Toronto Montreal Florida Buffalo Detroit Ottawa...
  10. jeffbear

    Hurricane Season (for reals)

    Hey guys ... looks like the wild Atlantic is trying to make up her mind whether or not to serve up our third major hurricane in as many years. Tuck in, nail everything down and stay safe folks. This one looks like a doozy.
  11. jeffbear

    2019-20 Hurricanes Prospects and Checkers Thread

    I'm just housekeeping here. CMaleski2 is responsible for this content and will continue to drive this thread ... I assume ... and hope. All content below the +++++ is his. Oh, also note that now that the Checkers have won the Calder Cup I'm going to stick with the correct spelling of the team...
  12. jeffbear

    2019-20 English Premiere League Thread

    OK folks, August is upon us ... as is opening weekend for the Premiere League. The season proper gets kicked off on Friday with newly returned Norwich City traveling to Liverpool. From there Saturday features 6 matches and Sunday has the final 3, including the big ticket matchup of opening...
  13. jeffbear

    Lost in the mix ... AGM Brian Tatum leaving the Front Office

    Chip Alexander, bless his heart, threw this one out a few hours ago on Twitter ... Brian Tatum has left the club. If you'll recall, Brian is a guy I've known for a number of years that I don't wish to count and he was essentially the AGM in charge of office and building operations.
  14. jeffbear

    Habs Offer Sheet for Aho

    I am relocated Aho Offer Sheet posts from other threads ... patience please while I clean this up Our owner is made of cash, so that's not the issue. If he wants to match, he'll match. And I think the whole thing goes back to that fake account rumor anyway. Nobody down here has heard...
  15. jeffbear

    Mike Vellucci, Canes decide to part ways.

    Multiple sources reporting that Mike Vellucci and the Hurricanes have mutually decided to part ways. Vellucci is coming off of the Calder Cup win in Charlotte and was also a Hurricanes Assistant GM. I was honestly shocked that Vellucci stuck around when he didn’t get the coaching job last...
  16. jeffbear

    Belated Summer Travel and General Off Topic Thread

    Jeez guys ... the solstice has come and gone and I've slacked off on the traditional summer nonsense thread. Sorry about that. I'm not used to this being in the playoffs until May thing, it would seem. Anyhow ... pitch in with whatever you want. I've already been to Alaska this "summer" and...
  17. jeffbear

    2019 Women's World Cup in France ... June/July

    The Women's World Cup is gearing up as teams arrive in France for their pre-tournament camps following the last round of prep friendlies. The US are still the betting favorites, but of course the gap between them and the field at the top end of the pecking order has pretty much evened out. The...
  18. jeffbear

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    I'm going to go ahead and post a catchall Draft thread for housekeeping purposes. We can get into the minutia of Carolina's draft as we get closer and things actually happen. We don't even have a final draft order until the Cup Finals wrap, but Carolina's position is sealed. First off, the...
  19. jeffbear

    Stanley Cup Finals Notes ... and the post season narrative takeaways

    OK. Most everybody has had enough time to where I suspect that you're at least open to the idea of tuning in to watch the Finals, even if it's only casually. I got lucky and was able to watch Game 1 in the bar of a lovely Japanese restaurant in Vancouver with a bunch of people who weren't...
  20. jeffbear

    2019 Carolina Hurricanes Off Season Thread

    Here's your spot for all things Hurricanes once they start to clean out their lockers. Who's going, who's staying, who's getting paid that CASH, who's not. I'll kick things off with our beloved leader, Justin Williams. Frankly, Williams is at the point in his career where every time his team...