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    Happy Birthday Mindz

    to the best and handsomest
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    2018 Draft Discussion

    so, i have Montana's pick in 18, what happens?
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    Standings and Bold Predictions Thread

    East Atlantic Tampa * Toronto * Boston * Ottawa Montreal Florida Buffalo Detroit Metro Washington * Pittsburgh * Carolina * Columbus * New York Islanders * Philadelphia New York Rangers New Jersey Central Nashville* Dallas* Chicago* Winnipeg* Minnesota* St Louis Colorado Pacific Edmonton...
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    Happy Birthday Deck

    Hugs and Kisses
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    Bernier to Ducks

    for a 7th
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    Where will P.A. Parenteau be after the trade deadline?

    Let's see who gets it right I'll say Minnesota Wild
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    Happy Birthday Montana

    Some robotics professor programmed him however many years ago today. Still searching for the wizard to ask for feelings.
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    Should the Jonas/Zeke trade be allowed.

    Vote I vote yes.
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    Leafs Panthers deal

    Greg McKegg for rights to Zach Hyman
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    Happy Birthday Mindz

    We love you?
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    Toronto Maple Leafs Claim D Tim Erixon

    Nice move, give him a legit shot.
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    Hawks/Leafs complete minor deal

    Spencer Abbot for TJ Brennan
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    Phaneuf and Lupul

    I wasn't sure where or if to post this story that i have heard, but it comes from a friend that i 100% trust would not make it up so i will. Now it's possible the information is wrong, but the fact is my contact has heard this story from 2 separate unrelated people. The story is that Dion is...
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    Not sure if this has been posted on the board yet, but i was introduced this site last night with my neighbor and Deck. It basically calculates from an analytics standpoint if a forward is playing like a 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st liner usage adjusted Corsi for /60 usage adjusted Corsi against/60...
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    Deck and I were talking...

    If we were to get married can we count on a table of 8 to represent FI at the wedding?
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    Poker Wednesday Night

    I've had a few seats open up and i'm looking for players If you are interested in a tourny in the Richmond Hill area, PM me for details.
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    OT: Annoying Commercials

    I want to punch this Wendy's bitch and her pretzel bun fetish right in the face.
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    Back by popular demand (actually no demand at all) It's Too Much Starch.

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    July 1st UFA/Trade Predictions

    Paul Stastny-Nashville Matt Niskanen-Colorado Jason Spezza-St Louis Brad Richards-Dallas David Bolland-Florida Brooks Orpik-Florida Martin Broduer-Pittsburgh Jussi Jokinen-Montreal Dustin Byfuglien-Philadelphia Sean Coutourier-Winnipeg Mike Ribiero-Chicago Vincent LeCavalier-Arizona Ryan...
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    the clear your inbox thread

    fergy please.