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  1. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 71 Predators @ Canadiens - 3/10/20 - 7:00EST

    2nd is not even done and the game is over
  2. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 69 Canadiens @ Lightning - 3/5/20 - 7:00EST

    3-0 at the end of 2. TB had lost 5 out of last 6, but the Habs are a cure to anyone's losing streak
  3. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 67 Hurricanes @ Canadiens - 2/29/20 - 7:00EST

    Miracle of miracles, they actually won
  4. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 67 Hurricanes @ Canadiens - 2/29/20 - 7:00EST

    And there it is. This team is f#$%king useless
  5. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 66 Rangers @ Canadiens - 2/27/20 - 7:00EST

    4-2 now, game might as well be over. Another blown lead...FFS
  6. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 65 Canucks @ Canadiens - 2/25/20 - 7:00EST

    2-1 Habs at the end of 1: Byron and Weber with the goals
  7. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 63 Canadiens @ Capitals - 2/20/20 - 7:00EST

    Weber ties it: 1-1 at end of 1
  8. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 63 Canadiens @ Capitals - 2/20/20 - 7:00EST

    Ovi with one. Will probably get 700 tonight
  9. Rocket Man74

    Rumours, Innuendos and Flat out B.S.: 2018-19 Edition

    I have heard the same thing that Sal speculated on ref Graves: the Avs need to decide between him and Zadorov on which big defenseman they keep as they dont want to use up too much cap space to sign both and both are the same type of D-man
  10. Rocket Man74

    Around the League: 2019-2020 Regular Season

    Kaut underwhlems me, if we are trading anyone of value to Colorado, I would rather look at types like Newhook, Timmins or Jost (although he has struggled this year, I think he has potential) and not Kaut
  11. Rocket Man74

    2020 Trade Deadline

    Then he would fit in perfectly with the Habs!
  12. Rocket Man74

    Habs trade Scandella to Blues

    Perhaps they can resign him in the off-season since he is a local boy. Hate to say this, but I hope that this means that management has realized that this season is lost and this will only be the start of offloading some players for prospects or picks
  13. Rocket Man74

    Habs News & Notes: Regular Season 2019-2020

    Julien must have forgotten that he is no longer coaching in Boston and, therefore, no longer has the refs / league in his pocket as he doesnt have Godfather Jacobs protection before he went off on officiating
  14. Rocket Man74

    Around the League: 2019-2020 Regular Season

    Yup, if NJ can get essentially two 1st round picks for Coleman, what could we get for Tatar??? Even Zucker got Minny a good haul
  15. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 59 Canadiens @ Bruins - 2/12/20 - 7:30EST

    Speaking of missed calls, how the hell was rat boy (Marchand) not called for spearing when you can clearly see him trying to pitch fork Petry before their scrap?
  16. Rocket Man74

    Les Habitants Prospects Thread

    Thats a shame! Sounded like he was having a good year before getting hurt. Watched the Beanpot championship on TSN and Habs prospect Jordan Harris won the game for NE in OT on the PP
  17. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 55 Canadiens @ Devils- 2/2/20 - 7:00EST

    Now 3-0. Turning into a blowout fast
  18. Rocket Man74

    OT: NFL Thread

    Congratulations to the KC Chiefs: 3 unanswered TDs in the last 6 1/2 mins. KC are Super Bowl champs
  19. Rocket Man74

    GDT - Game 54 Blue Jackets @ Canadiens - 2/2/20 - 2:00EST

    3-1 now. Going to take a lot of work to get back into this one