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  1. trujaysfan

    20/21 Trade Block

    Any player over 25 is available with my top player being tarasenko
  2. trujaysfan

    OT - tickets for Monday vs buffalo

    Figured i would post here since getting tickets without massive fees attached is nearly impossoble. Have a pair of tickets for Monday's game. Section 313 row 4. $103 each ($206 for the pair). I have hard copies and can meet downtown Thursday/friday/monday
  3. trujaysfan

    Leafs @Dead Things

    Carrick in for Polak tonight.
  4. trujaysfan

    Leafs @ an empty building. 7pm SN1

    Have at it, we really need to turn this around soon.
  5. trujaysfan

    Leafs vs Islanders 730pm TSN4

    Well this is game 1 of a big 4 game week and we are playing a team just 1 pt behind us. With 2 back to backs and both Montreal and Boston on a break week we will have a much clearer picture of what the stretch drive will look like on sunday. No changes expected today, Sosh still out and...
  6. trujaysfan

    Leafs vs the windowless city (Buffalo) 730pm SNO

    Round 1 of Matthews vs Eichel vs
  7. trujaysfan

    Leafs @ Caps 7pm EST TSN4

    Can we make it 6? Also anyone have a decent stream?
  8. trujaysfan

    Leafs vs San Jose 730pm TSN4

    Looks like we will be getting Andersen vs Jones tonight at the ACC. In the 14 prior Matchups the Leafs have 1 win, 11 losses and 2 Ties so overall we have fared terribly against the Sharks historically.
  9. trujaysfan

    GDT - Kickoff to the Centennial season (Leafs at Sens) Wednesday Oct 12th 7pm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDS2EricsN0 Leafs lineup: Komarov - Kadri - Michalek JVR - Bozak - Marner Hyman - Matthews - Nylander Martin - Holland - Brown Marincin - Rielly Gardiner - Carrick Hunwick - Zaitsev Andersen
  10. trujaysfan

    2016 - 2017 Prediction thread

    Let's have at it! 1. Pittsburgh 2. Washington 3. Tampa 4. Florida 5. Philly 6. Boston 7. Montreal 8. Buffalo West: 1. Kings 2. San Jose 3. Chicago 4. Nashville 5. St Louis 6. Dallas 7. Ducks 8. Oilers Vezina: Luongo Art Ross: Kane Hart: McDavid Leafs finish: 10th in east, 23rd overall...
  11. trujaysfan

    Thursday Oct 6th vs the Habs TSN4 7:30

    From Babcock earlier in the week the lineup tonight and the lineup Saturday in Detroit will be close to what we see opening night. Should be good for some after Jays game TV Practice groups today: Would expect the early group to be the one that travels to Montreal...
  12. trujaysfan

    GDT Leafs vs Sens Preseason Game 1 6pm EST TSN4

    Well we finally have leaf hockey back: Leaf line rushes in Halifax: Rychel-Kadri-Brown Greening-Laich-Marner Johnsson-Froese-Kapanen Prust-Cliche-Moore Probable D Pairings: Gardiner-Corrado Hunwick-Nielsen Campbell - Hrabarenka Antoine Bibeau in home end this morning. Expected to...
  13. trujaysfan

    2016 - 2017 Entry Draft Thread (Draft complete)

    Draft starts 2pm eastern Sunday June 26th. 12 hour window to make your pick after that you are skipped and can make your pick when you come back, so make sure someone here has your number to contact you. Round 1 1 Bull - Auston Matthews 2 I Tuch Myself (Deckie) - Patrik Laine 3 FERG'S...
  14. trujaysfan

    The 2016-2017 Dynasty Hockey Trade Thread

    TJF trades: Calvin De Haan Fergy trades: 2016 4th
  15. trujaysfan

    The Rebuild, Where are we?

    Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters 14h14 hours ago New Jersey, USA Babcock on summer: "As a mgt team we’ll get to work & ... make sure we have a team that isn’t missing the playoffs" Babcock before the season said we would be in for pain and he was correct, although this season was less painful...
  16. trujaysfan

    HNIC - More Puzzle Pieces, do they fit? Leafs vs Sabres

    With the goat and Leivo called up on "emergency" basis we get a chance to see one of the more maligned picks of the Burke Era. Nylander, Kadri, Reilly, Soshnikov vs Kane, O'reilly, Eichel and Ristolainen
  17. trujaysfan

    NHL expansion draft - who do we protect

    Some details coming out about possible expansion draft rules: Automatically protected: Prospects, 1st year and 2nd year pros (including AHL), not exactly sure how many games played would qualify as a year for being a pro (was Nylanders 37 games in 14-15 his 1st year pro?) Team option to...
  18. trujaysfan

    Stamkos's last ride as a visitor TB @ Tor 730pm TSN4

    Last time we see this at the ACC: Until we see this:
  19. trujaysfan

    TSN vs Sportsnet - who do you prefer

    After watching both networks it appears we have the make up of 1 great broadcast crew that is unfortunately divided between the two networks. Host: Duthie is slightly better than Millard The smart one: Mackenzie and Friedman are two of the best in the business The former player: O'Neill vs...
  20. trujaysfan

    GDT. It's time for these kids to get a W. Sabers @ Leafs 730 TSN4

    Now that this has happened: Its time for them to get a win.