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    Around the League 2018-2019 Edition

    It's the 2018 off-season. Let's continue the discussions in this thread. Also....John Tavares and Auston Matthews are Toronto Maple Leafs!
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    OT: PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games

    The opening ceremonies are about to start. Which events are you most looking forward to watching? Will Canada win the hockey gold? If they do, will it mean anything? I'm mostly looking forward to the latest edition of Canada vs USA women hockey games.
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    OT: Anyone here plays Eastside Hockey Manager? (It's 75%off on steam)

    I had of course heard about the game before but never gave it a shot. Saw a bunch of posts about it this week again and decided to give it a shot. I downloaded updated rosters. The game requires a lot of patience. Any of you play it?
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    Around the League 2017-2018 Edition

    Cody Franson has signed with the Blackhawks for 1 year @ $1 million
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    OT: Tapatalk issues

    I have had loads of problems using Tapatalk and FI the past month or so. It is either slow or I get a connection error message. Quick Google search seems to point to outdated plugins which need to be updated by the site's admins. Anyone else has this issue?
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    OT: Explain your avatar

    Some of you have avatars from movies, book characters, memes etc. that I have no clue about; others have abstract concepts; others hate on rivals or simply show off their leafs/habs/sens fandom. What's yours all about? where did you find it? Mine is self explanatory. My first number 1 Centre...
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    RIP Gordie Howe

    Gordie Howe has passed away according to some reports :(
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    OT: Hey Nerds (Buying a new computer edition)

    I am planning to buy a new computer. My 2010 mac is dying on me. I have tried touch laptops and really really like them. I am probably going away from Macs for that reason (cost is also an issue). My usage: * Chrome tabs, chrome tabs, fire fox tabs. I keep about 20 tabs open at the same...
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    Let's do a FI Mock draft

    We've done it before and it was fun. Suggestions: 1- Let's do a mock draft for the first two rounds. 2- Let's start on June 15th with the first pick 3- Let's give the first choice of team to Irish and the 2nd to Jays since they give us a cool draft ranking every year. If so, I am assuming...
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    Finally saying goodbye to Tank Nation. Here's why:

    After over a decade of arguing in favour of the tank, I am officially abdicating my position as the president of Tank Nation. I am sure many of you are disappointed :D but hear me out here. (You can replace "I" with "Member of tank nation" throughout , as I believe many people cheering for the...
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    Team Stats from this year?

    I'd like to document how bad this season actually was. I am hopping with Shanny and co in charge, we'll look back to this season as the one that started it all. So far I've got: One road win in 2015, going 1-21-3. An 11-game losing streak (0-10-1). A 16-game road winless streak, 2n worst...
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    NHL DRAFT LOTTERY - APRIL 18, 2015 @ 8 PM ET - CBC

    The lottery will officially be shown prior to Game 2 of Pittsburgh/NYR playoffs match up. Odds: 1. Buffalo Sabres 20.0% 2. Arizona Coyotes 13.5% 3. Edmonton Oilers 11.5% 4. Toronto Maple Leafs 9.5% 5. Carolina Hurricanes 8.5% 6. New Jersey Devils 7.5% 7. Philadelphia Flyers 6.5% 8. Columbus...
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    GDT: Leafs @ Sens (7:00 PM, SN)

    Hmmm, are members of Tank Nation allowed to start GDTs? Thanks to an earlier slide, the season is now not Leafs vs the world; it's Tank Nation vs. Playoffs Hopefuls. Notes: * Final game before the all start game. * Jonas Siegel: the line of JVR-Bozak-Kessel will be broken up. * Jonas...
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    GDT: Can't 'Staal' Our Winning Streak. Leafs @ Canes

    Projected Lineups #1 goalie likely starts tonight (expected but not confirmed)
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    OT: Magazines, do you still read them, if so which ones?

    I can't remember the last time I subscribed to a magazine (Scientific American I think it was). Also read Times, McLeans, etc. On and off I have also read the Hockey News, Slam, SI, etc. There is just so much info on the net these days. Do you still read magazines? if so which ones?
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    OT: Traveling to Europe for honeymoon, would love some help

    Hello FIcers, I am planning a two week trip to France and Italy (main cities Paris, Rome, Venice, South of France); bonus cities:, Florence, Cinque Terre). I've looked into tours but they all seem rushed (one day in Paris, then off to a small city for another day, then again off to another...
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    OT: Viewing FI on forums?

    How does everyone view FI on mobile? browsing forums on apps is such so much faster. @Mods, I don't believe FI is compatible with any of the popular mobile apps (unless I am mistaken). It would be great if you installed one or more of the following plugins (supposedly installing these takes...
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    OT: ForumIce's list of all things useful

    Got this idea after reading he other thread about online streams. Can we come up with various lists that could come in handy (webstreams, useful apps, etc.)? EDIT: here's what we've got so far. Keep'em coming. 1- Live game streams: * VIPbox.tv * hockeystreams.com * Atdhenet.tv *...