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  1. blkngldbabe

    OT: Apple nerds, halp?!

    Hey. iPhone 7 Plus had serious issues yesterday. Got them mostly resolved but as someone with no landline, being able to use my phone as a phone is a huge must so I got a newer one. Brand new XS Max. Wanted the 11 pro Max but as someone who is currently unemployed this was my smartest most adult...
  2. blkngldbabe

    Bye bye Randy.

    Ducks Turf Randy as per SN
  3. blkngldbabe

    The Young Buds Vs the Blue Jackets

    Gentleman and hopefully ladies, back in action to continue the home stand. It’s been a great one and hopefully the boys continue to stack the W’s. Go Leafs ago.
  4. blkngldbabe

    OT: a little more offseason excitement

    That is all. Carry on as if you're all normal.
  5. blkngldbabe

    The faces behind the words.....

    Hey all. I think it's time we all get to know each other better. Between fun pics from stags and drunken stupors or just random shots I think we can have fun sharing since alot of us spend quite alot of time together. Have at it!! I'll put some up momentarily.