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  1. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    Babcock Death March

    Ok, I have had enough of this guy. How long of a leash does Babcock have at this point? I am thinking if this keeps happening then he will be out by the first half of December. Some of the players already look like they are tuning him out.
  2. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    Nets vs Raptors Game 5

    Go Raptors Go!
  3. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    Miami Heat 2014 Playoff Run

    For Habsy, stop trolling the Raptors Playoff Thread. :thumbsup(22):
  4. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    Shanahan named President of Hockey Operations

    Damien Cox is reporting that Shanahan to the Leafs is done. TorontoStar ‏@TorontoStar · 20m #breaking #Leafs #nhl Brendan Shanahan to be named president of the Maple Leafs, Damien Cox reports. http://on.thestar.com/1hmNapj Damien Cox ‏@DamoSpin · 18m Shanahan expected to leave NHL post...
  5. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    GDT: Maple Leafs vs Devils 7 pm LTV

    Biggest game of the year. A must win in every sense of the word. Reimer will be in net again. There are no excuses.
  6. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    Strombo the new host of HNIC

    http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2014/03/09/george_stroumboulopoulos_to_host_hockey_night_in_canada_report.html Ron Maclean will still be there but in a reduced role (probably hosting coaches corner with Grapes). Coaches Corner extended for two years. Do not like this one bit.
  7. MapleLeafBlueJayBoy

    The TMZ Thread (Celebrity Gossip/News)

    As requested, here you go boys. :smile(21): I believe the topic was Justin Bieber.