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  1. BeLeafer

    **** Zeke, GDT: Leafs @ Habs, Saturday HNIC, 7 pm

    Be afraid, very afraid.
  2. BeLeafer

    The zeke's not home GDT

    Panthers - Leafs. Leafs > Panthers
  3. BeLeafer

    GDT #11: SNET's Favourite BJ @ Leafs

    Back end of the back-to-back. Would be something if the Leafs could dominate this one like the last. An unfortunate two Canadian teams on Saturday. We're forced to watch the ever awful SN production.
  4. BeLeafer

    GDT #6: Leafs at Berlin err, Washington 7PM

    Ennis finally gets the pressbox and Johnsson returns from his 'your corsi is too good for a fourth liner' punishment. Thankfully, Oz is back in and Marincin out (hopefully forever and ever and ever). After four games, the Capitals have a rather large -40 shot differential (5v5). They've...
  5. BeLeafer

    The ****ing Season Thread 2018-19

    The offseason is officially over! What an offseason it was, eh. Quest for the Stanely Cup starts today, with or without William ****ing Nylander.
  6. BeLeafer

    Pre-Season Game #4: Leafs @ Sabres, 7 pm

    Copy and pasted from different sources ... Leafs Line-up Marleau-Matthews-Ennis Johnsson-Lindholm-Kapanen Grundstrom-Cracknell-Moore Clark-Brooks-Bracco Gardiner-Zaitsev Rosen-Ozhiganov Borgman-Holl Dermott-LoVerde Andersen Pickard Sabres Line-up 53 Jeff Skinner - 9 Jack Eichel - 29 Jason...
  7. BeLeafer

    Quest for the Stanley ****ing Cup

    Regular season is behind us and we now have a team that can legitimately make a run for the Cup. The ability to draw penalties will be critical, as the Leafs can beat anybody if they get enough opportunities. Two lethal powerplay units is quite deadly and unusual. That said, having four lines...
  8. BeLeafer

    GDT: Leafs @ Pens, 7 PM

  9. BeLeafer

    Game 9/82 -- GDT, LA @ Leafs, 7 PM TSN

    LA has allowed the fewest goals in the NHL so far this season. They also own the 3rd highest PDO. They aren't especially great at preventing scoring chances.
  10. BeLeafer

    Game 3/82: GDT Hawks @ Leafs, TSN 7 PM

    Two teams that are fairly evenly matched across all stats except the number of GA. Leafs played the Hawks well last season, as I recall. It's time for the Leafs to button down the hatch and play better defensively (especially that Bozak line) and avoid the penalty box. One area of Leafs...
  11. BeLeafer

    GDT -- Round 1, Game 5, Leafs @ Capitals

    No more soft goals from Freddy, please.
  12. BeLeafer

    GDT: Game One, Caps vs. Leafs, Thursday 7 pm, CBC

    The Leafs first playoff game in 4 years is on tap! Leafs are given around a 40% chance to take the series. Keys to the game (and series): 1. Can the Leafs get their speed game through the neutral zone? Trotz is a trap monkey. Nylander and Marner will be uberimportant on this front. If they...
  13. BeLeafer

    Quest for the Holy Grail

    Nah, the Leafs aren't in this to get 'experience'. They're contenders, as is every other team that makes the playoffs (except the Senators). The Leafs have but one prize this season: I want one.
  14. BeLeafer

    GDT: Pens at Leafs, 7 pm, CBC

    Just to ensure the curse of zeke doesn't rear its ugly head again. This is how a closing thread is done.
  15. BeLeafer

    GDT: Leafs @ Dead Things

    zeke you bum.
  16. BeLeafer

    GDT: Leafs @ US Armpit

    zeke is slacking off today, so I'll start the GDT. Leafs win is important to solidify top three standing in the Atlantic. Keep up their excellent play and they'll likely eat the Sabres defense alive. The only thing that could prevent the win is their nutbar goalie. GO LEAFS GO!!!
  17. BeLeafer

    MIGOTY: Leafs @ Tampa, 7:30 PM

    This is without a doubt the most important game of the year for the Leafs. Tampa and NYI have inched ahead of the Leafs in the official standings. One point back of the last wildcard spot, the Leafs have a game in hand on both teams and one point back. With only 14 games left to play, the...
  18. BeLeafer

    The Stretch Run

    The Leafs frittered away their advantage on the bubble teams over the past month and are now outside of playoff position. They have not won many games and are coming off their worst stretch of the season. It is starting to feel way too familiar for us Leafs fans. There are seven players in key...
  19. BeLeafer

    GDT - Habs at Leafs, 7 pm, CBC

    Even without the magical Mitch Marner, the Leafs have too much talent for the Habs to handle. Let's put another nail in that coffin, boys!
  20. BeLeafer

    Lineup your lineups for the stretch drive

    Leivo's play has changed the dynamics on the forward lines. Moreover, Hyman has been shit for nearly a month and needs to have his ice time seriously cut back. Komarov is finally starting to play like his old self as well. Matthews - Nylander is just way too good to separate. So, what to do...