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  1. Montana

    Official - Matthews signed to 5 year deal for $11.6 AAV.

    @FriedgeHNIC: Hearing TOR and Matthews closing the extension. Will be five years, between $11.5-11.7 AAV @TSNBobMcKenzie: The Auston Matthews extension announcement will be made official any time now. Five years, probably around $11.6M AAV. @LeafsPR: .@SportChek Player Alert: The @MapleLeafs...
  2. Montana

    ** Calle Rosen Signs Two Year Extension **

    Per Leafs PR. AAV of $750k.
  3. Montana

    2018 MLB Dynasty Trade Thread

    ***Trade Announcement*** Nuke Trades: Taijuan Walker Colton Welker Taylor Hearn Montana Trades: Johnny Cueto Jordan Sheffield
  4. Montana

    MLB Protected Lists 2017

    Montana Protected Hitters 1. Devin Mesoraco (C) 2. Paul Goldschmidt (1B) 3. Brian Dozier (2B) 4. Corey Seager (SS) 5. Manny Machado (3B) 6. Yeonis Cespedes (LF) 7. Andrew McCutchen (CF) 8. JD Martinez (RF) 9. Carlos Beltran (Util) 10. Brian McCann (Util) 11. Nolan Arenado (3B) Protected...
  5. Montana

    OT: WWE/MMA/Boxing Thread

    Too lazy to find the old thread... That Extreme Rules main event was lit.
  6. Montana

    MLB Protected Lists 2016

    Completed and correct Unpaid Jonas Braby21 - PAID Metalleaf - PAID Tim Horton - PAID King Brodeur - PAID UWHabs - PAID Killersweet - PAID Blueman - PAID Matrim - PAID Hairnova - PAID Mindz - PAID Bull - PAID Leafman101 - PAID Stubby Clapp - PAID Deckie - PAID Habspatrol - PAID Axlsalinger -...
  7. Montana

    Leafs to unveil new logo & uniforms for 2017.

  8. Montana

    2016 Dynasty Baseball Trade Thread

    *** Trade Announcement *** Montana Trades: RP Keone Kela RP Hunter Strickland 2B Jose Peraza Hairnova Trades: SS JP Crawford
  9. Montana

    OT: R.I.P. Grantland

    Was a golden era in sports long form writing there for a short period.... Effective immediately we are suspending the publication of Grantland.* After careful consideration, we have decided to*direct our time and energy going forward to*projects that*we believe will have a broader and more...
  10. Montana

    *Happy 40th Birthday Ray/Habspatrol*

    .....you f*cking piece of shit.
  11. Montana

    OT: Graphic Novel & Comic Book Thread

    I buy a small few monthly (Saga by Brian K Vaughan, for instance I have the full 30 issue run)......but the vast majority of my collection is oversized hardcover Absolute Editions and Omnibi. While I don't subscribe to comixology, I have a comic book reader on my Mac and download and runs...
  12. Montana

    RIP Capgeek

    "Effective immediately, Jan. 3, 2015, CapGeek.com has permanently ceased operations. This sudden decision is made with a heavy heart and is due to the personal health of CapGeek.com founder and director Matthew Wuest. While this decision may raise many questions, it is requested that you respect...
  13. Montana

    **The World Heavyweight ForumIce Baseball Championship**

    The Big Gold Belt now has yet another prestigious league championship it represents... ....but having already made such an ostentatious purchase with my past winnings, I was left with the necessity of choosing what to spend this seasons prize pool on. In the past I've usually spent my...
  14. Montana

    The Tanking Solution (MLB)

    Actually maybe that's a simple solution.....any team out of the playoffs, who has a injured player in an active slot or a minor leaguer in an active slot (or whatever we deem to be illegal tanking) get X points added to their yearly point total....2nd offence more points, third offence even more...
  15. Montana

    **The World Heavyweight ForumIce Fantrax Championship**

    When this league began there was some discussion about using the winnings towards the purchase of a trophy, or people possibly purchasing themselves a Championship Ring to commemorate the feat...... Having been on a bit of an obscene run lately, winning multiple back-to-back Championships in a...
  16. Montana

    OT: The F*cking Science Thread

    Bout time we had a thread dedicated to this topic, instead of stuffing anything new or interesting into the News thread.