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  1. Metalleaf

    Pre-Season GDT: Red Wings @ Maple Leafs | October 8, 2016 | TSN4

    First game of the pre-season/World Cup I get to watch so I'm excited. Should get a pretty complete line-up I would think.
  2. Metalleaf

    Wine, Beer, and Spirits.

    Got some Beau's Patersbier and Vox chilling in the fridge for after work tomorrow. Have some more Unibroue beers but they're all 9%.
  3. Metalleaf

    2016 Playoff Thread

    My predictions: East Washington over Philadelphia in 6 Pittsburgh over NY Rangers in 5 Florida over NY Islanders in 6 Tampa Bay over Detroit in 7 Washington over Pittsburgh in 7 Florida over Tampa Bay in 6 Washington over Florida in 6 West Dallas over Minnesota in 6 St. Louis over Chicago...
  4. Metalleaf

    March Madness 2016

    Haven't done my bracket yet. But I might go with UNC to win it all.
  5. Metalleaf

    Leafs vs Wild

    Millen sucks.
  6. Metalleaf

    Trade Deadline Thread

    May as well: Andrew Ladd going to Chicago per TSN. Getting the band back together.
  7. Metalleaf

    Merry Christmas

    See you next year....
  8. Metalleaf

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. May you all drink the finest wines, scotches, and beers available to you.
  9. Metalleaf

    2016 Holiday Hockey Guide (WJC/Leafs)

    Not the actual World Juniors but I'm at the World Junior A Challenge in Whitby
  10. Metalleaf

    OT: Soccer thread

  11. Metalleaf

    Leafs vs Nashville

  12. Metalleaf

    OT: The Toronto Blue Jays

    They real MVP
  13. Metalleaf

    DOMI-Nation: Coyotes @ Leafs

    How many goals does Domi score tonight?
  14. Metalleaf

    Leafs vs Eichel

    Leafs score first. Parenteau from Polak.
  15. Metalleaf

    OT: American Politics

    Re: OT: Canadian Politics
  16. Metalleaf

    OT: Movies/TV Shows