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2019-20 Canes Miscellaneous News Thread


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I would guess that if you had any current familiarity with Newark ... or Hoboken for that matter ... then you'd probably feel the same way about them that you do about Durham. Which is why it's insulting when people make broad generalizations based on fictional works or limited, outdated personal experience.

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I am very well aware that Hoboken is very different than it was when I was a kid and when my father was a kid. There are many pricey condos/townhouses/etc. there now. I don't know if that kind of development has extended to Jersey City or Newark maybe it has and I have not heard about it. When I get back I will give a report on Newark near the Prudential center.


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Hoboken? Ha! Left my van parked on the waterfront there after driving a friend to NYC after he graduated in December 85 or 86. Damn sure couldn’t afford NYC rates then. The other 2 Bergenfield boys on the trip and I were quite glad to see it in the same place and condition we left it. Dumped all our fresh NYC bagels on the damned carpet when we pulled out. Tragic loss to start the return trip!


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My wife and I lived just upriver from there from just before we were married in 1990 until we built and moved into a house in the New Jersey burbs in early 1994. The Jersey towns on the Palisades across the river from Lower and Midtown Manhattan run--south to north--from Jersey City to Hoboken to Weehawken to Union City to West New York to Guttenberg to North Bergen and we lived in a high-rise apartment building in West New York, across from roughly West 60th Street in Manhattan. It was--especially without kids and with jobs in Manhattan--an awesome place to live. It was also a very different life from the one we've lived since moving to Raleigh in 1995.


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I worked for J&J in the early-mid 80s. Started in Piscataway and moved to New Brunswick when the new headquarters was built. Stromboli’s at Stuff yer Face, ice cream and fudge covered Oreos next door at Thomas Sweets, cheesesteaks at Greasy Tony’s, post softball pizza and beer at place on Easton Ave. whose name escapes me..,good stuff.

Rutgers had a rare football game on TV years ago and the broadcaster pronounced it Pis-cah-TAH-way instead of Pis-CAT-a-way.