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2020 Trade Deadline


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What does Thompson, Cousins and Kovalchuk do to make the Habs a contender?Jettison them. Maybe you get lucky with a late pick. Those guys weren’t making them a contender.
I understand that but the acquisition of those picks still elicits a "meh, whatever" reaction from me.

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It's Bash Bergevin Day this morning in the French media.

Only one thing to remember: by the time youth are ready to make a huge impact (KK, Poehling, Fleury, Caufield, Romanov, Primeau), Weber/Price/Gallagher/Tatar/Petry will be over the hill (or done in Weber/Price's cases).

What's the point ?

To make sure people still buy their season tickets according to French media....keeping the appearances
Questionable whether the impact will be huge.