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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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What do the advance stats say about tonight's game? Which team performed better?
Overall edge by PIT, but a bit of a weird one. PIT dominated the 1st and 3rd while the habs controlled the 2nd and crushed it in OT.


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I would say just ok.

I give Julien some credit here, he managed to get matchups defensively even with second change. IMO he outcoached Sullivan.


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I thought the ice was horrible and partly explained why both penalty shots were laughable


This ice is going to play to the BJ's advantage. Dubas really needs to lower the boom and get this ice fixed. Last game today also. eek


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Fair to say that both teams don’t look like cup contenders?

But man, hope the media eats some nice crow on the oilers again. Some of them picking them to win the cup or get to the cup - just don’t get it outside of a really hot goalie


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Yeah I don't get it. The one outside the box pick they go with the Oilers.
I was listening to Burke for 10 minutes and he repeated 3 times he can't possibly see any of the 8 teams that already are in the playoffs getting beaten in that first round by a qualifying winner. WTF? Has this guy ever watched playoff hockey? So this year with COVID will be the one year with 0 upsets. Sure...


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The oilers, man. Media are so annoying.

The one thing everyone in the hockey world should know by now is that counting on historically hot special teams to cover for horrible even strength performance is not in any way a sustainable way to win hockey games, and will never win you a cup. Especially when playing in an historically awful division.

Goal Differential at even strength, Play-In Teams:

7. PIT +17
8. TOR +16
10. NSH +12
11. NYR +11
12. CAR +10
13. WPG +7
14. DAL +4
14. MIN +4
16. NYI +3
17. FLA +0
17. MTL +0
17. ARI +0
17. CHI +0
21. CBJ -2
22. VAN -5
24. CGY -12
25. EDM -13

I cannot emphasize enough how trash the Pacific is, and how trash the oilers are. They are incredibly lucky to be playing a team as bad as the hawks this round, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see them lose.


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Best part is I'm seeing a lot of media blaming McDavid for the loss. Which is very toronto.

Team sucks dick --> blame the best player on the planet and one of like three good players on the team.


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At the same time, mcdavid was literally a liability at even strength. He looked scared. Toews was all over him.