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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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What are the odds a bunch of white guys 100 years ago stumbled on the exactly perfect dimensions of the net? And the exactly perfect number of skaters per team? The game evolves. The rules should do.


Plenty of alcohol involved in the invention of hockey (or should I say cultural appropriation from the Natives). What did you expect from a bunch of drunk guys that don't want to go home to their wives?


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the folks who invented these sports had no idea they would evolve into multi-billion industries.


Wrong Thinker Extraordinaire
I can only hope he turns it around like Petry because it’s an ugly deal. I have no clue what Bergevin is thinking.


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Oh shit! I saw you say that in the other thread and thought you were kidding!

I mean, it wasn't hard to foresee. If you're going to trade a 5th for someone like this, you're not planning to sign him for less than what he was making. Oh man.
Backup goalies and #6 d are important to spend on clearly.