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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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That Point cap hit everyone drools over will be going way up within 1-2 years. He ain't taking anything close to that deal again. They might have to move Stamkos.
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Pierre Mcguire is saying more teams than Arizona missed bonus money and he thinks a lot of teams are in big trouble. Great news for the Leafs. Hope those teams that take Leafs revenue sharing then whine about everything they do get fucked over.


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It's hilarious the crap Dubas got for giving Nylander 6.9 at age 22 when you see these garbage signings that waste millions for no reason.


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doing fine without him

Xgf Relative to Team, Forwards, Last 2yrs:

1. Cirelli +.20
2. Joseph +.18
3. Coleman +.17
4. Maroon +.16
5. Miller +.15
6. Point +.11
7. Gourde +.11
8. Kucherov +.09

9. Killorn +.02
10. Erne -.05
11. Palat -.05
12. Goodrow -.08
13. Johnson -.10
14. Stamkos -.12
15. Paquette -.32

And Stamkos doesn't face elite qoc like Point and Kucherov do, and has by far the highest OZS% on the team.

He still racks up the points tho.
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He's good value on his contract, so teams will be interested. The one thing that will haunt STamkos is how many huge games in his career he's missed. This is the second time Tampa got to the conf. finals without him, and he missed the Olympic gold with an injury in 2014.


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Not at all. They need to keep Bergevin. The funny thing is, they can't fire him beacuse they have no candidates to replace him. He's job the best job security in hockey.

Why would you fire the best and most stylish GM in the league? I really don’t know where you’re going with all this.


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yep, GM Gunshow is a keeper.