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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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Petry and Chiarot turned out OK. I have to pray he catches lightning in a bottle again.

I’m concerned that he may view Edmundson as a second pair guy. That would be brutal.


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The new rumor is that Bergy is trying to convince Edmundson to take $5m per but Edmundson feels that the team needs to preserve some space for goaltending.


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Maybe he has untapped potential.
Some are saying Edmundson was asked to play a stay-at-home style of game when there is more offense in him. I don't see it but that's what some of the twits on twitter are espousing.

I think if the Blues and Canes couldn't find room for him (granted their D corps are deeper) then he should have been passed over.

At least they didn't acquire the rights to Torey Krug and give him the $8M he's looking for. Small favors I suppose.


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there's only on Bergevin and he's run out of money for Dmen
He still has $13M in cap space to sign Domi and Edmundson (if that's his plan). He can always spend more on D.

The Habs highest paid F is Drouin at $5.5M. Think about that for a second. $5.5M and people expect the Habs to be an offensive juggernaut? Yeah ok.