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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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I'm thinking that Shero's medium to long term vision of where the Devs go next stopped aligning with what his ownership group wants. That's a guess, but their upper management was out doing press before the season, not Shero ... and they were talking a lot like they expected to finally become relevant in Northern New Jersey ... which means winning. That's why they spent the money on Subban; his community engagement being as important to the front office as whatever he's got left to offer on the ice. Probably more so, in fact.

Shy of any more details, I'd guess that Shero was gearing up to continue to build through youth and picks while ownership is tired of waiting for all that to pay off.


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2 first overall picks in Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier.

Not one even close to Matthews. I prob wouldn't trade Matthews for both. We're so lucky to have him.


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It was a laser precision tank. we did it right when you are supposed to, if you're going to do it.
True. Still very fortunate we ended up with Matthews and not another player. Hell Laine is great and all but we wouldn't be where we are without Matthews.


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Matthews in a Habs jersey:sick:. Worse than Gilmour in those turd unis. Worse than Sundin in a Canucks jersey even.


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Good thing we got Marner and Papi. Really good consolation for not getting McDavid + whoever else we would have taken further down.


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Nylander was also a stroke of luck and good drafting. We’ve killed it at the draft table better than we ever have in the history of the franchise these last few years.


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We got Morgan Rielly 5th in a draft where Yakupov, Ryan Murray, Galchenyuk, and Griffin Reinhart went 1-4.

Rielly is 4th in scoring from that draft class overall and his 72 point season is the 3rd highest scoring total anyone from that draft has put up.

and the 09 draft....the next 3 picks after Naz were Scott Glennie, Jared Cowan, and Magnus Paarjarvi.