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FI Dynasty Hockey League Discussion 2019-2020


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Yeah, that's FULL price for Danault. He had better remain at 1+ ppg as he's been for 1.25 seasons for it to be a good deal.


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Dynasty Team Owners,

I would like to inquire about your opinions on the utilisation of the Injury Reserve slots.


I have noticed that roughly half the teams in the Top 7 have been leaving healthy players for more than a week on IR slots

I was under the impression that teams are expected to keep a legal roster at all times, and that a player needed to be removed from IR when healthy, in the same way that a player not eligible to be in Minors slots needed to be removed.

At first I was surprised when I saw teams add one or even two injured Free Agents to their rosters and I did not understand why managers would do it.
But then I thought it could be helpful in some situations to have extra options to decide on when the said added injured Free Agents(s) turns out to be healthy :

a. Maybe a manager moves him to his Reserve and drop a slumping player, or a player of lesser value to his team

b. Maybe it also turns out a manager has a player that gets injured and becomes IR eligible on the same week that the added injured Free Agent returns to health. Then he is already covered with a potentially better player than the ones currently available on the Free Agents market.

I saw it as an almost insignificant strategy that would only end up paying dividends very rarely. Unless of course you see an injured player available that you already know is more valuable than someone on your current Reserve.


But now if I take the examples of managers who have been updating their teams weekly and have purposely left healthy players on IR slots for a few weeks, it becomes a very different situation.

A manager can now wait an extra week, or a lot more in some cases, with a 6th Reserve player hidden on Injury List.

Extra assets for his team, or extra time to assess which Reserve player is more productive or valuable before dropping one.
That would be a strong strategy, one with important advantages in my opinion.

In one particular instance, a Minor player has been healthy and left on IR
for a few weeks now.
Again this provides an important advantage to a manager by artificially improving the size of his roster and keep more than 25 Minor players without any apparent Roster Violations.


Now the purpose of this post is to gain clarity on the strategies that some of the teams I compete with have been using and to know if those are accepted/tolerated strategies.

If I were to add injured Free Agents to my roster, would it be accepted or tolerated for me to leave them on IR for X amount of time when they become healthy ?

The competition in this League is fierce. I just want to make sure that I understand the ins and outs of the League, so that I can compete on even ground with other managers.

I see there is some leniency about Roster Violations based on fair play to avoid punishing managers that have not been updating their teams, or that have been absent for a certain amount of time.

However I am not sure what to make of active managers who purposely leave Roster Violations unattended while updating their rosters every week.


In the spirit of good sportsmanship, cheers
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Discussed this with Thunder earlier in the week and mentioned what I've said before, if there are any questions about player injuries on the weekend, I don't have an issue leaving a guy on the IR. Since rosters lock on Monday, that means teams often get an extra week to assess. Sometimes people aren't even aware a guy came off the IR, and sometimes teams use it to their advantage. Not a big deal. But there's no excuse for leaving healthy players on the IR the following week, or if they've already played a game or two.

Most of us are busy and generally lenient when it comes to minor rules, but these grey areas suck because advantages are sometimes gained through not paying attention whereas teams who are paying attention don't get that benefit.

As mentioned, it's not a huge issue but still, this is a good time to remind everyone to please keep their rosters up to date weekly and to activate guys off the IR when they return to active duty. If it continues, we are going to have to consider making active players on the IR trigger an "illegal lineup" message.


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If it continues, we are going to have to consider making active players on the IR trigger an "illegal lineup" message.
When a player is « Not eligible to be in minors slot », a Roster Alert appears at the top of the team’s roster page.
This Roster Alert does not hinder that team ability to collect points.

Wouldn’t having healthy players on IR trigger a Roster Alert in the same way be a good place to start ?
The team could still accumulate points, but then we could clearly see roster situations that would need to be assessed.

Then if a manager were to decide to not correct that situation over a certain amount of time, some predetermined sanctions could be a applied.

Same sanctions could be discussed regarding managers leaving non-eligible players in minor slots over a certain amount of time.