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FI Dynasty Hockey League Discussion 2019-2020


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Yep it’s their projections.
I managed to find the option to switch it back to last years results, or any other result available.


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Nice move by Jonas to pick up Zack Kassian.
Potential for a good fantasy run if that line stays together.


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Just a reminder to everyone to make sure your lineups are set before tomorrow night.

Looks like some people have some open slots and some have players on the IR who shouldn't be.


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Looks like Killersweet has an illegal roster and isn’t accumulating any points. Can we get this fixed?


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Kylington and Grundstrom are nice prospects too. I'm sure Schmaltz will keep up his 23% shooting percentage though!


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Thank you. GH made a really solid offer, as he usually does. I countered by adding the 2nd. As much as I hate continuously kicking the ball down the road... I'm at least 2 years away from competing. Boeser being 22 years old made it really tough trade him. But I love Kaliyev's upside.

It really feels like one of those win/win type trades.