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GDT #57: Feb 11 7:00 - Yotes @ Leafs


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Struggling Yotes on a back to back......must win.

who knows who is playing or what the lines are, so here's just our whole team's numbers:

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Goons on 1050 mentioned Tavares might be out b/c flu or something, but looks fine.
Freddie out, feeling better but "not there yet" and hearing AZ is on their 3rd goalie so...


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… super line.

Nylander Matthews Marner line together in rushes according to twitter.

*edit* sorry killer, you already posted that. I'm into the no goat and no timashov, I didn't think they played well at all the other night.


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Is Arizona actually that much better defensively since Keefe has arrived? Already heard tsn mention their defense a couple of times


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It's getting really hard to keep defending this team.
Honestly not even mad about that goal. There was a d zone turnover, but it was to an area that should be safe. Zona got a fortunate bounce off an attempt to deflect the puck on net, right onto a Zona stick.

It's hockey, you're going to give up shots and chances. Sometimes shit just bounces right/wrong.

I'm more concerned with how our offence looks right now. No chances from dangerous ice yet. After also looking ass against Montreal.