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GDT #58: Feb 13, 2020 - Stars @ Leafs


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The Stars have managed to ugly up some wins in the shitty conference, but I still don't buy that they're actually a good team.

they do, however, have good goaltending, so it would be nice to see the top line show up like they did last time against this team.

2 patsy games this weekend, so it'd be nice to get this win under our belts too. aka must win.

Nick Robertson's big bro Jason making his debut tonight.

Same lines as last game, but Freddy returns. Hopefully he's not rusty cuz suddenly GOALIE CONTROVERSY!!!!



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Hopefully we start seeing Timmys ice time increase. He has been up to the challenge so far so give him more leash and see how he handles it


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Looking to see the superline play like a superline. Some domination would be super duper.


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I know he's amazing and it doesn't matter but it kinda bothers me that marner is the third best 5 on 5 player on that line.


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**** this bullshit hockey.

giving up an early goal to this shit team is the worst.