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Hey Nerds: Blockchain


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Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Pablo Zuanic maintained a Buy rating on Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNNF) on Tuesday, setting a price target of $52, which is approximately 317.00% above the present share price of $12.47.
Is this guy legit? Was timeline mentioned? How long to hit projections?


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Most targets are 52 weeks.

Pablo Zuanic is a well known and highly rated equity analyst (II ranked several times; called as expert witness on industry investigations) with a deep global background having covered stocks over the past 20 years in the US (JP Morgan; SFG), Europe (JP Morgan; Liberum), LatAm (JP Morgan), and Asia (Barings), across sub sectors (retail, soft drinks, RTDs, beer, liquor, tobacco/cannabis, agro/protein, food/snacks, coffee, baby nutrition, pet, beauty, personal care, household goods, OTC drugs, pharma). He started his career as a management consultant, which brings a strategic mindset to his approach to equity research. Born and raised in Chile, he lives with his wife and children in New Jersey.


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Even the best analysts don't get everything right, not even close. Think of them as scouting directors.


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Yeah there are a lot of wacky PTs even by the good ones. But as far as pot stocks are concerned, there are 3 that I would consider "safe" in an otherwise risky as **** sector. One would theorize that the good "safe" stocks have only been dragged down by the piles of shit as the sector as a whole has not performed well. Once the piles of shit slowly fade away and once the US makes some legislative progress... and once these stocks are able to uplist, the winners will be more visible and hype can take them further and price them higher than any reasonable valuation in the end. I'm just here for that ride, whenever it happens to come.

With that said, of the three winning pot stonks, in my opinion Trulieve is the best value at these levels. But I'm a troll on a hockey message board. Don't listen to me.