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Holiday Hockey TV Schedule (WJC, Spengler, Leafs, Raptors, Winter Classic)


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Yep, it's getting close to that cozy time of year when you can sit with friends and loved ones and watch all kinds of sports together, while eating and drinking way too much!

Always love this time of year, watching the draft classes play-off against each other in the WJC. This year the Leafs play a mixed bag of teams over the holidays, including the Rangers twice, Devils, Isles and Carolina - and a quick Western swing to play Winnipeg and Minnesota. I'll toss the Raps in this time - as they've been must watch again this season.

Much love everyone, hope the season is great to you all!

[Schedule runs from Dec 19 - Jan 5, full broadcast links at the bottom of the post]

Thurs Dec 19

11:30AM - Canada vs. Switzerland (WJC Pre-Tournament TSN)

Fri Dec 20

7:00PM - Maple Leafs @ NY Rangers (SNO)

7:30PM - Raptors vs. Wizards (TSN)

Sat Dec 21

7:00PM - Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings (HNIC,SNO,SN360)

Sun Dec 22

3:30PM - Raptors vs. Mavs (SN1)

Mon Dec 23

11:30AM - Canada vs. Finland (WJC Pre-Tournament TSN)

2:00PM - Maple Leafs vs Hurricanes (SNO)

7:00PM - Raptors @ Pacers (SN1)

Tues Dec 24

Wed Dec 25


12:00PM - Raptors vs. Celtics (SN1)

Thurs Dec 26

1:00PM - Canada vs. USA (WJC Preliminary, TSN)

2:00PM - Team Canada vs. HC Ocelari Trinec (Spengler Preliminary, )

Fri Dec 27

2:00PM - Team Canada/HC Ocelari Trinec vs. HC Davos (Spengler Preliminary, ) * Team Canada plays if they lose Dec 26

7:00PM - Maple Leafs @ Devils (SNO)

Sat Dec 28

1:00PM - Canada vs. Russia (WJC Preliminary, TSN)

2:00PM - Team Canada/HC Ocelari Trinec vs. HC Davos (Spengler Preliminary, ) * Team Canada plays if they win Dec 26

7:00PM - Maple Leafs vs. NY Rangers (HNIC,SNO,SN1)

7:00pm - Raptors @ Celtics (TSN)

Sun Dec 29

9:00AM - (Spengler Quarter-Finals)

2:00PM - (Spengler Quarter-Finals)

6:00PM - Raptors vs. Thunder (SN1)

Mon Dec 30

9:00AM - Canada vs Germany (WJC Preliminary, TSN)

9:00AM - (Spengler Semi-Finals)

2:00PM - (Spengler Semi-Finals)

Tues Dec 31

6:00AM - (Spengler Final)

6:00PM - Maple Leafs @ Wild (SNO)

7:00PM - Raptors vs. Cavaliers (TSN)

Wed Jan 1

2:00PM - NHL Winter Classic: Nashville @ Dallas (Cotton Bowl Stadium, SNO/NBC)

Thurs Jan 2

6:30AM - (WJC Quarter-Final, TSN)

9:00AM - (WJC Quarter-Final, TSN)

11:30AM - (WJC Quarter-Final, TSN)

2:00PM - (WJC Quarter-Final, TSN)

7:30PM - Raptors @ Heat (SN1)

8:00PM - Maple Leafs @ Jets (TSN4)

Fri Jan 3

Sat Jan 4

9:00AM (WJC Semi-Final, TSN)

1:00PM (WJC Semi-Final, TSN)

6:00PM - Raptors @ Nets (TSN)

7:00PM - Maple Leafs vs. NY Islanders (HNIC,SNO,SN360)

Sun Jan 5

9:00AM (WJC Bronze Medal, TSN)

1:00PM (WJC Gold Medal, TSN)


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