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How did you hear about Forum Ice?

How did you hear about Forum Ice?

  • Word of mouth

    Votes: 6 20.7%
  • Myspace or Facebook

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • You came from another hockey board

    Votes: 9 31.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 10 34.5%

  • Total voters


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I just wanted to make a post in here because it's almost been a year since the last post was made.

So, anyone new to the site... how did you hear about Forum ICE?


Active member
some idiot in a habs group on facebook mentioned this site....found out a few months later that the idiot had a name...Count. :p

I had a hard time finding a habs site...the sites I did fine were either stupid (hf) or in french (so useless to me). Once David mentioned FI on facebook...I headed on over.

I was late to join this board...and i did not post anywhere before here. But the people on this board have been great...even though I am a noob to their community.

Top reasons I stayed.

1. I soaked up all the information.
2. Two members PMed me about some things so it felt more and more like home.
3. Pretty much can say or do whatever you want. No real rules. (and no HP I have never read the rules...haha)

I would love to get some more people here (for the Flames/Oilers boards). But I suck at life.


Wrong Thinker Extraordinaire
Yeah I would like the other boards to grow too but hey, I suck at SEO.

I need Given to Fly's help.


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so...the theory of "if you build it they will come" doesnt work?

should I stop building my UFO landing pad ? (St. Paul, AB)


FI's Iron Maiden
A cute guy told me about this place.....I figured it might be worth checking him... I mean it,out.....


New member
I heard about it from Veca and Baltic Gal, who used to post with me on the Ducks message boards. I have since attempted to bring other hockey hounds on, but twice now, it didn't take. don't know why, its a good site!