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LEAFS HISTORY: 2001-02 Season and run to the Conference Final


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After being reminded of the crazy play-offs in 2001-02 while reading CUJO's biography - I thought I would map out the craziness of these playoffs. But I think I'll take it a step further, and look back over the whole season. The happenings of that particular season seem almost unbelievable looking back, with crazy twists and turns all season.

My plan is to map out a timeline in a single post, but may write several posts to dig a little deeper on some of the headlines.

Here is a quick rundown of the headlines I've found so far.. 75th Anniversary Season, Alex Mogilny signs, Sundin resigns, Berard signs with Rangers, Markov traded, Kaberle holds out, Domi still serving suspension for elbowing Neidermayer, Yushkevich diagnosed with blood clot, Quinn coaches Team Canada in Salt Lake, Quinn sits CUJO after first loss, Team Canada wins Olympic Gold, Quinn/CUJO 'fist bump' during ACC ceremony, CUJO breaks blocking hand, Sundin breaks wrist, Quinn screws up his playoff line-up forcing Reichel to sit, Roberts concusses Jonnson, Tucker low bridges Peca, Alyn McCauley first line centre, Roberts triple-OT winner vs Sens, Alfredsson hit on Tucker and subsequent GWG, Consecutive 7 game series wins, Pat Quinn hospitalized, Sundin scores in final seconds to tie game 6 of Conference Finals.

Really makes the Matthews mooning incident seem awfully tame.

Feel free to comment on any topic.. so many great memories and things to discuss.
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June 12, 2001Danny Markov traded to PHX -for- Robert Reichel (signing rights) and Travis Green
June 22, 2001Sergei Berezin traded to PHX -for- Mikael Renberg
July 3, 2001Sign Alexander Mogilny (UFA)
July 18, 2001Re-sign Mats Sundin (RFA)
Sept 8, 2001Glen Healy retires (waived/bought-out)
Training Camp
Sept 11, 2001Yep, that Sept 11
Sept 12, 2001Kaberle RFA contract hold-out, Kaberle signs Oct 30, misses 13 games
Sept 27, 2001Leafs do not qualify Berard, he signs with the Rangers
Oct 1, 2001Leafs sign Corey Schwab as back-up
Regular Season
Oct 3, 200175th Anniversary of Maple Leafs
Oct 3, 2001Domi suspended 8 regular season games (for elbowing Scott Niedermayer in 2001 playoffs)
Nov 21, 2001Dave Manson traded to DAL -for- Jyrki Lumme
Dec 15, 2001Curtis Joseph named to Canada's Men's Olympic Hockey Team
Jan 29, 2002Alexander Mogilny injured (back) vs. Sharks, misses 13 games (watch)
Feb 8, 2002Dimitri Yushkevich diagnosed with a blood clot (end of his career as a Leaf)
Olympic Break
Feb 15, 2002Pat Quinn sits Curtis Joseph after losing Game 1 to Sweden
Feb 24, 2002Team Canada wins Olympic Gold beating USA 5-2
Resumption of Season
Feb 26, 2002Curtis Joseph snubs Pat Quinn handshake in pre-game Olympic Gold medal ceremony
Feb 26, 2002Curtis Joseph breaks catching hand, misses 21 games
Mar 1, 2002Corey Schwab becomes defacto starter (8-5-5 as a starter)
Mar 2, 2002Commemorative green St. Pats jerseys worn vs. Sabres, part of 75th Anniversary celebration
Mar 15, 20024th round pick traded to CAR -for- Tom Barrasso (2-2-0 as a back-up)
Mar 22, 2002Darcy Tucker suspended 2 games for charging Sergei Gonchar
Mar 25, 2002Gary Roberts injured (rib tear) vs. Flyers, misses rest of regular season (10 games)
Apr 16, 2002Tom Barrasso breaks hand in season finale vs. Senators, misses playoffs
PlayoffsRound 1: Maple Leafs(4) vs. NY Islanders(5) (watch all)
Apr 18, 2002Game 1: Sundin injured (wrist), wears cast
Apr 23, 2002Game 3: Sundin leaves game after hit from Webb, misses 12 playoff games
Apr 26, 2002Game 5: Quinn Line-up mistake (watch), Roberts concusses Jonsson (watch), Tucker low-bridges Peca (watch)
Apr 28, 2002Game 6: Alyn McCauley first-line centre
Apr 30, 2002Game 7: HNIC Intro, Full Game
Round 2: Maple Leafs(4) vs. Senators(7) (watch all)
May 4, 2002Game 2: Roberts goal in triple-overtime (watch)
May 10, 2002Game 5: Alfredsson hits Tucker from behind, scores goal (watch), Darcy Tucker injured (shoulder), misses 3 games
May 12, 2002Game 6: Joe Bowen's "Bless you boys" call in final 20 seconds (watch)
May 14, 2002Game 7: HNIC Intro , Full Game
Round 3: Hurricanes(3) vs. Maple Leafs(4)
May 16, 2002Game 1: Yushkevich declared fit to play, blocked by ownership?
May 19, 2002Game 2: Sundin and Tucker return to the line-up
May 21, 2002Game 3: Pat Quinn hospitalized
May 28, 2002Game 6: Sundin scores in final seconds to tie game (watch) (watch)
Season Wrap-up
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Man that was a crazy season. I remember once we were moving Macauley up to 1st line center that I thought the playoffs were done. He ended up performing pretty darn admirably way out of his normal depth.


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2001-02 timeline updated here, lot of links to read/watch for anyone with a little time on their hands.