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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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I think people are starting to understand that my whining and complaining and belching about lack of goalie focus, means more than what Yegor is doing.

I love Yegor, hope he makes it. But the lack of goalies in our organization is like having no catcher for the Blue Jays.


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Was just thinking that this is probably the first year of his career where Lilly hasn't played at a level way above his age. He played in the SHL at 16 and 17 which is very rare for a defenseman. The list of 16 year old dmen that played meaningful minutes in the SHL since the 80s is Dahlen, Kylington, and Lilly.

Then he played in the AHL as an 18-19 year old, which again is very rare for a dman. In the last 20 years the list of 18 year old dmen in the AHL is Voynov, Seider, Bjornfort, Kylington, Lindholm, Sandin and Lilly.

The guy was playing in the 2nd division U20 league at 13.

Now he is 20 playing in the AHL, which is not unusual and the results speak for themselves.


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No more fucking around. Time to play their best players. Fire Ceci out of a cannon and call up Liljegren.

EDIT: As much as I think Ceci sucks, I don't even think he's a bad bottom pair guy even remotely. I think his struggles have been exaggerated by most. Problem of course is his salary.