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Leafs recall Sandin & Liljegren / Rielly out eight weeks with broken foot


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very good.

something had to be done, so good on Dubas. no hesitating.

but a trade soon would be better.


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Now things are getting interesting. I wonder who he pairs with. I'm guessing Holl.

It's so weird that they aren't giving Lilly a look first though.


They may well pair Sandin with Ceci to boost the latter's trade value. He's surely a nice upgrade on Marnicin.


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they don't want to pressbox Ceci before they trade him, so Lilly has to wait.

Yep, this. As soon as Ceci's gone, Lilly's coming up too.

So, like, getting moving on that Dubie.

But for the time being, we should all celebrate Marty fucking Marincin getting swapped out for the Sandman.


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I wonder if Keefe had been hired in the summer if Sandin would've been with us the entire time so far.

Anyways, looking quite forward to seeing him.


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Remember that Sandin was actually good in those 6 games, and not because of supersoft competition.

Sandin: 6gms, C qoc, 1.68p/60, 57.5cf% (+5.0relT), 50.9xgf% (-1.0relT)


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The bummer about this is we really could’ve used Sandin not going RFA the same year we have to resign Rielly.
Cap is set to go stupid, money for Rielly won't be an issue. Sandin is also unlikely to put up huge counting stats before then either unless he legit outplays Rielly for #1 PP time, and at that point, **** it and pay him, move Rielly.


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Really intrigued to see how Keefe's going to use Sandin because he really leaned on him with the Marlies and seems to have no qualms giving young guys he's familiar with minutes in key situations with the big club. Throwing Engvall immediately on the PK springs to mind.