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NHL Playoff Predictions-Covid Cup Edition


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Yeah you're misremembering. The media was legitimately split on the series.

Forgrave: A difficult series to predict. The Raptors were tied for the best home record in the NBA, and have home-court advantage all through the Eastern Conference playoffs; the Cavaliers were basically a .500 road team this season. The Raptors biggest strength may be their depth; the Cavaliers are, um, a bit imbalanced, with a supporting cast that veers between mediocre and awful (and lately more toward the awful). And yet: LeBronLeBronLeBronLeBronLeBron. Maybe his body breaks down after a grueling seven-game series against the Indiana Pacers. But I'm not going to bet against LeBron. Prediction: Cavaliers in 7.

Botkin: I picked the Cavs at the start of the playoffs, but to see how much they had to struggle to get through Indiana, LeBron having to avenge 42 points in the four wins, I just think it's too much to ask of one guy against a deep Toronto team that has Fred VanVleet back. Kyle Lowry will have a big series with Cleveland's defensive attention focused more on DeRozan, and I don't see Tristan Thompson repeating his Game 7 effort over an entire series. Prediction: Raptors in 6.

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And then they got massacred in an embarrassing way.
I stand corrected. I don't remember seeing such a split amongst media pundits. After they shit the bed in Game 1 it was obvious they were completely toast.
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Nurse is probably the biggest advantage we have over the rest of the Eastern Conference. He is pretty clearly head above shoulders the best coach in the conference and it isn't close, IMO. Makes it hard to tactically plan for us in a 7 game series.


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Leafs over Columbus in 4.
Leafs over Boston in 5
Leafs over Washington in 5
Leafs over Tampa in 7

Leafs and Colorado for the cup ...., Winner in 7