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OT: American Politics


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Not only super disgusting....it's also unnecessarily cowardly. NBA is mega popular in China. Call the regime's bluff and let them consider a ban.

Push comes to shove, I don't think the Chinese government wants to take away the NBA from its populace. Bread and circuses.
Would be pretty cool if this I spired a viral FREE HONG KONG sign barrage at pretty much every US sporting event.


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Re:China, it really is pop culture that's the only way to get through to them, so yeah, really annoying how the NBA is handling things. Ideally would have lots of pro-HK stuff in anything that can be seen in China, since try as they might, I doubt they can block anything.

And about Turkey, is this just Trump figuring out these are his last few weeks/months in office, so time to get all the last things that Vlad wants in?


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New book out “All The President’s Women” contains 43 new allegations re: sexual assaults or harassment by Trump. Not that it will matter even though he said he does that out loud too.