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OT: American Politics


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They’ll say he’s the ambassador to the EU and thus unqualified to understand discussions about Ukraine. I mean, why was he even there? His testimony can’t possible be valid. Right?

He was in Brussels the whole time. Nothing burger.


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Apparently food poisoning is one of Dotard’s pet paranoias in life.

Well, that’s how he justifies pounding back half a dozen quarter-pounders at a time.


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You see trump knows the effect of just announcing an investigation... and so he was probably going to wait until the last minute and have Zelensky do that.
This is why Comey's declaration of the continued investigation into clinton's emails the weekend before was such a bullshit move.

You don't even have to do the investigation... just fucking plant that seed of doubt in the fertile minds of his supporters and all of trump's evil wrong doings are brushed aside. It's full blown pathological and straight from the evil mind of Roy Cohn.

Cohn is the Emporer and Trump is Darth Vader FFS


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Rep. Jordan challenges Schiff to release closed-door testimony that shatters Ukraine 'quid pro quo' theory