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OT: American Politics


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everything to do with what that sentence said.

but you are right - he hasn't reversed himself on the part of his ideology which regards the biggest failing in america to be it's loss of jesus, and that the only way to fix america is to implement a jesus state. that he remains consistent on.


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I’ve already heard that spin on CNN.

I’ll say it again, if Trump doesn’t bitch about it, I’ll believe it.


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A few weeks old, but this piece dovetails nicely with my own thoughts.

Everything about Sanders—his ideas, his stubborn dogma, his sometimes-kooky supporters, his contempt for greenroom culture and the party circuit—is completely foreign to the intellectual and cultural fabric of Washington. In that universe, the claim that Sanders is unelectable is more or less gospel. The same Democrats who were assured of Hillary Clinton’s victory are now starting to worry about a Goldwater or McGovern-style Electoral College wipeout with Sanders atop the ticket. If they were so inclined, the bed-wetters could easily Google a year of polls showing Sanders beating Trump in hypothetical head-to-head matchups. A Texas Lyceum poll just this week showed Sanders performing better against Trump in Texas than any Democrat, losing by just three points. That’s on top of a raft of polls showing Sanders beating Trump back those precious Upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These polls aren’t totally hypothetical, either: Sanders boasts near universal Name ID. Most voters know who Sanders is and what he stands for—and they’re still choosing him, whether they actually like him or just because his name isn’t Donald Trump. The president and his advisers are starting to notice, according to recent stories in the New York Times and Daily Beast. Both outlets reported in recent weeks that some Trump advisers are worried about Sanders’s strengths—his populist appeal, perceived authenticity, and his durable popularity with the same white non-college voters who voted for Trump. “I think he’s tough in places where people are making $12 an hour,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale recently told CBS News, who said the media is underestimating his appeal. Trump himself has started asking his team about Sanders’s polling performance in key battleground states, specifically Pennsylvania, the Daily Beast reported.


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Because you think Barr is in the tank. I don’t. I think he just has his own beliefs in the system and will do what he feels is right. I don’t see him as a lap dog.
Take a look at Websters Dictionary under "lap dog" and you will see a picture of William Barr.


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Your hyperbole is intense. The way you frame your arguments doesn't work for me. Hate to break it to you but the GOP are not the NAZIs and yes, I realize many of you actually think so.

To be as clear as possible, I do not see the divide between the two parties as large as you all do. Not even close.
So if a black, Republican President had of been elected, you expected the democrats to splinter into two parties because they couldn't contain all the racism in one?


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Are folks here familiar with Rachel Bitcofer’s election forecasting work? She nailed 2018, including the flip of 20 or so Romney-voting districts to the Ds. Basically, her model shows that negative partisanship caused a huge surge among D leaning independents and that the remaining surge advantage is still with the Ds. They did not “flip”. They were always D leaning, but the they showed up due to Trump. The R’s problem is that they are in permanent surge mode, with a motivated base, and they are close to maxing out. Their mid-term turn out in 2018 was actually quite good, but they got smoked in the house.

So, based on that, for 2020 she’s calling a D victory. Two caveats:

1) Bernie complicates things a bit, he may turn off some of these surge voters.
2) To really goose the surge, someone on the ballot has to be from the visibility minority community.