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OT: American Politics


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1 in 8 Trump voters lives in a county with no ICU beds

"Comparing the county-level data from Kaiser Health News to 2016 presidential election data, we discovered a remarkable bit of data: About 8.3 million people who voted for Trump in 2016 live in counties where there are no ICU beds or no hospitals. That amounts to about 13 percent of the total votes Trump earned in that election, or one out of every eight votes.


More importantly, those counties which voted for Trump are home to about 6.5 million people over the age of 60, people in a particularly high-risk group for contracting covid-19."


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Businesses that refused to shut down and their employees got sick.

It's 'Merica, people will think of things.
Yeah . . . no. Unless they died and even then it would not be easy as they probably had underlying conditions, would be hard to prove causation, etc. And, no one forces you to go to work. You can choose not to go to work.


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Yeah that's always a great defense and the reason that workplace lawsuits never happen.
These wouldn’t be workplace lawsuits, as you’re thinking of them. Unless someone dies there’s not enough money in them to get most lawyers interested and even then there would be almost insurmountable causation issues to overcome. It would be near impossible to prove where the decedent actually got infected with the virus, and then you’d also have to prove that the employer knew that his or her place of business was spreading the virus, and then that the person actually died from the virus, not to mention other issues. Of course you are free to file a ridiculous lawsuit but you won’t succeed.