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OT: American Politics


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And yeah, if there's 1/4 cops literally choking a man to death, one of the other 3 should at least be saying, "Hey! Stop murdering that guy".

It's an awful situation because it's a crazy stressful job with a lot of life or death split-second decisions. Mistakes can be made in the heat of the moment. But this was straight up a murder by a cop who very clearly should have been fired a long time ago.


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This is difficult to watch as a dispatcher. You really want to believe that when someone calls begging for help, you're sending the good guys. The video just made me ill.

No idea why they held that bullshit press conference where they said nothing new, seemed to cast doubt on the idea there'd be charges, and said Trump and Barr were monitoring closely (yeah, that's what people want to hear).