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OT: American Politics


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Eh, I think trump would love saudi/bahrain/uae/Israel to go to war with Iran for him.

Using US equipment of course.
I have zero doubt as well but I just don’t see how people can just slough off a working agreement between Israel and the Arabs. Anyway, there’s plenty that I don’t give a crap about too.. To each their own.


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Oh I'm well aware Palestine got ignored. That is still an issue that needs resolved for sure.
The resolution for them is being screwed. They'll be living in an apartheid state. Was always the most likely solution. But I hesitate to call it "good"


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If this was done under a Democrat I think the reaction here would be different. Such a shame.
I'd be pissed. But I can only speak for me.
We sold out the Palestinians. I'm not shocked but yeah I think this peace will be similar to that gained before WW II.
I honestly hope I'm wrong but I have doubts. But I hope in 20 years I can eat crow over this
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