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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about


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Planting pollinators is going to bring wasps, but those fake nests actually work. You'll still see a few, but they won't nest anywhere near another nest.

I've had two, protected from the weather, for three years now and they absolutely work.

Where do you get the fake nests?


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Definitely some benefits - saving money, learning more interesting things, and surprisingly it's done wonders for my family's quality of time together.

of course plenty of that is due to spending so much time outdoors. the winter might get pretty damn dark if things take a bad turn.

zeke hs graduated from posting on FI in parents basement to posting in living room


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Honestly don't know how much more society can take while remaining anything close to being "civil".

These idiots want to drag us back to the stone age

It's a pattern that keeps repeating itself throughout human history, unfortunately.


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They're why we don't have flying cars.

I was promised flying cars in the future and these fucks are the reason why we don't have them.

reminds me of the Family Guy episode when Stewie and Brian go to an alternate dimension where there is no Christianity and humanity is like 1000 years ahead scientifically and technologically. We could have been so much further ahead without these people.


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Compassionate care allows drugs that are in trials to be prescribed for severe patients who do not have other option. Revive theraputics (toronto based) just got approval for bucellamine to be proscribed for COVID in the US under compassionate care. Health canada hasnt even responded to the request for a phase 3 study.

Drug has been used for 30 years safely