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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about


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Banks are Going to coordinate return to work with ttc.

A lot of friends in the core are lonely deep down and soulless, and need their offices to give them a sense of purpose, so are going in even when they don’t need to. Which is crazy to me.

I’m no presto - I do miss seeing people, lunches and occasional AWDs - but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to ride transit, navigate downtown and sit in an office all day.
Ive done AWDs on fridays in my backyard with a couple colleagues who are within 30 min. We are trying to setup a 9 hole par 3 afternoon as well for anyone on the team who wants to join.


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A friend of mine shared a story that kind of shocked me into a reality check.
His toddler was sick so he had him tested and at the same time both parents got tested as well. The results came back and the only one who tested positive was my buddy. He had no symptoms and has no clue how this super contagious thing got to him but not his family. He said he was being super cautious- never left his house. Thinks maybe Uber eats delivery but nothing confirmed.
Just crazy.
False positive possibly as well. It's not uncommon.


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This John Lu (TSN reporter) story is all sorts of yikes.

He gets covid; feels like crap; passes out and falls down the stairs which forces him to the hospital, which saves his life because doctors detected a pulmonary embolism that most likely would have turned into stroke.