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OT: Movies/TV Shows


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Emperor:Kill me and you'll become the empress of a new empire.

Rey:*Refuses to kill him*

Emperor:Fine, I'll just steal your life force then.

Rey:*Kills Emperor*

Audience:This is fine.
But it was the *way* she did it that matters!

Although interesting to read some of the reddit leaks. I wonder if that supposed JJ Abrams cut will ever see the light of day, and if it actually would be any better than what they released.


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It's always funny when people go on about shit like that. No problem with people being able to lift a Tie Fighter using "the force." But the Tie Fighter being functional??? Ridiculous.

I always say "you're right, this probably isn't even a documentary."
oh i like that


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Wow, unwatchable? Maybe you have a Sandler bias. My girlfriend has a Sandler bias big time negative. And she loved it.

His other great movie was CLICK. Outstanding movie.


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Just waiting for my stock to open up, got bored so I watched, History of Violence. Damn, I love Viggo, guy is so freaking good.


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Just finished watching. "Don't f%#k with cats" on netflix and I didn't realize it is all about that Luka Magnotta case years ago.

When that was going down, we found out that he actually attended that k-6 school I was teaching at. I wasn't around for him but there were teachers there that remembered him. In the netflix doc they show his grad photo in grade 6 and it's from the school.
We had the news doing shoots across the street and the P was told not to say shit.

If you get a chance to watch it, it's actually pretty interesting.


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PS his real name wasn't Magnotta. (They don't say anything in the movie about it) but he changed his name to Magnotta because he wanted to be considered wealthy as part of the Magnotta wine company.


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1917 is a great film. Loved Mendes idea to have to appear in real time and 1 take. Added to the tension. Because of the netflix bias, it's the film to beat for the Oscar.