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OT: Movies/TV Shows


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He's the perfect "Beefy" character actor.
Loved him in Presumed Innocent and he was in a couple of damn good tv mystery mini-series of which I can't recall the names (That's how good they were)
He was good in shitty movies like Best Seller
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Anchorman is one I vividly remember laughing my ass off on the first viewing. I died during the phone booth scene, or glass case of emotion, as I think he called it. And Baxter! Classic comedy.


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Oh yes, many do. Not so much Super Troopers (which I was obsessed with) and most Will Ferrell. Thankfully my #1, Groundhog Day is still awesome. Quite suiting the times.


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Been binge watching Dr Who (the reboot.) We're half way through season 2. Eccleston was good in season one, but as usual Tennant is great.