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OT: The Funnier Side of Tragedy: Memes and Such


Wrong Thinker Extraordinaire
Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get proteins. We usually order groceries but noticed the meats they send us are crap so I go to choose my own. Had my kid with me. There were two women behind us in line with masks but they were down to their bloody chins. There are markers on the floor for social distancing yet they were not even two feet behind us. I turned around and asked politely that the they step back and secure their masks as well as I have my kid here and others would appreciate it. They looked at me weird and I realized they were Hispanic and I asked in Spanish. They completely ignored me. I lost it. I yelled "Step the **** back now "! The whole place must have heard me as the manager came running. These two women then proceeded to argue with the manager about following procedures. She threw them out. People actually applauded.