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OT: The News Thread


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So this afternoon a friend and myself headed out back along the lower river to see what kind a game has been coming around and if there are any elk in the area.
Well we were cutting through a cedar area, when all of a sudden something comes smashing through the brush 100 yards in front.
We can see the trees moving and the ground pounding ..... a 400 pound black bear came charging through at us.
The bears ears were pinned and it was like it was in slow motion.
Now earlier this morning, I was in the soo buying a new rifle for the bear this year.
I bought my rifle came back home and went back into the bush without any of my rifles or bows or even spray.
It was funny because the first thing I thought of was what a lazy **** I am for not taking the extra 2 minutes to get some protection.
So anyways, here we are with this big black bruin charging at us like torpedo.
I thought not again because I was attacked about 30 something years ago.
So this bear comes crashing out of the bush into the back meadow and just stops ..... 5 feet away and its jaws are popping and its hackles are up.
He walks around us once and has no fear of me yelling at him ... makes a fake lunge again to stop my heart permanently, and walks back into the bush.
Scared the shit right out of me.
So when I get back down to the first barn I tell another guy to be careful if he is going out back ...... he laughs and then tells me that he just started putting his dead stalk back there and maybe he should have told us ........ you think?
So I am doing laundry and looking for some clean underwear lol.


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if the numbers I am reading are right, she is one of 565 people to ever go to space.

That itself is an amazing achievement


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ah **** they have to talk to donnie now. crap.

lol - she just immediately corrected donnie first thing out of her mouth. awesome.