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OT: The News Thread


Wayward Ditch Pig
I hear they're rereleasing it under the new title 2020.
I figured that we could get a prequel called 2020, yeah.

The bright side is that most of us are waking up to how fucking precarious our "normal" was, and how little we can rely on the morons among us to help us pull through some shit that is even remotely inconvenient. This has to change the math going forward. Vote, hold people in office to some sort of standard on adherence to a shared reality, etc, etc.

The cost of this troll voting shit is just too high when something real happens.


Wrong Thinker Extraordinaire
Oh I'm still a defender of Presidential rights and will be till I die. It took me awhile to realize this fucker is no president though. So done with him. Watching Chris Wallace was the first time in awhile I watched anything to do with Trump and that's only because I heard he went after Trump.