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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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Picked up my Raptors championship commemorative DVD today which I posted about a couple weeks ago. $20 at Wal-mart.

I still don’t think winning it all has fully sunk in.



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How about RJ Barrett so far? Knicks’ coach loves him - called him a stud. Averaging 20.5 ppg and 7.5 boards.


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RJ is a stud. Here's hoping the Knick management remains inept. He's the type of kid who would come home to Toronto


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Siakam is exactly the opposite kind of star to the window dressing talent the Leafs have. The guy takes nothing for granted, plays hard every night, and improves exponentially every year. Ultimate team player, too. When he learns how to dish out of the double team and make that mid range more consistently he will be special.


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Not surprising, but John Hollinger of The Athletic says we’ll one of the main suitors for the Greek Freak if he hits free agency in 2021. Ujiri helped Giannis and his family emigrate from Nigeria to Greece.