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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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VanVleet's story is quite incredible. Guy has so much belief in himself, rents a room to celebrate getting drafted and doesn't get drafted. Did he cry into his milk? Or beer? No, guy has gone on to become, quite the player.

I dunno if he is my favourite Toronto athlete of all time. I think Dougie is still the guy, despite wanting to poach al my top Gf's. But VanVleet is darn close. Such a plucky talented guy.

And yeah, this team is a lot of fun to root for, cheer for and be a part of. I have to think Masai and Nurse are a big part of that. They have to be.


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That image of Vanvleet on the ground with blood pouring from his eye is one of the most iconic things you'll ever see. He's a warrior.