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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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Masai ain't ever going back to 'murica now.
Yeah, I don't even want to know what example # this is for why it's better to be a rich black man in Canada than it is the US. I'm sensitive to the arguments like what Lou Williams brought up, but there's only so much understanding I have for it. Yeah, it's different here...but it's better. Every city in the NBA has a massive armed gang with endemic racism issues towards black men backed up by a penitentiary system that is quite happy to throw more severe sentences as a black man than they would a white man for the same crime. The only way to win this game is to not play.


Wayward Ditch Pig
I was too quick on my previous judgement of Pascal from a couple of years ago (I seriously didn't see this upside...his handles were sloppy, no shot, struggled to finish around the rim...looks like a good energy guy with defensive upside at the time) so I don't want to compound that mistake in analysis by jumping to judgement on OG...but **** me he just looks lost on the offensive end when he's asked to create for himself.


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With the Nets on Wednesday while the Lakers face the Nuggets in Denver, we have a solid shot at being 2nd overall heading into the break. With the tiebreak over the Lakers too.


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Age 19 seasons, Minimum 20mpg


1. Doncic 21.2
2. Zion 21.0
3. Carmelo 21.0
4. Lebron 20.9
5. Durant 20.3


1. Zion 28.0
2. Doncic 23.7
3. Kyrie 21.8
4. Kobe 21.4
5. Bagley 21.2


1. Allen 63.6
2. Zion 61.5
3. Bynum 59.3
4. Jackson 59.1
5. Tatum 58.6


1. Howard 10.0
2. Davis 8.2
3. Doncic 7.8
4. Zion 7.7
5. Bagley 7.6


1. Drummond 13.2
2. Howard 11.1
3. Robinson 11.0
4. Bagley 10.8
5. Zion 10.2


1. Zion 24.9
2. Davis 21.7
3. Drummond 21.6
4. Kyrie 21.4
5. McGrady 20.6


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Nobody watching for number 16 tonight? We look a little overconfident so far. But its all cool.

HTF have we won 15 in a row with this McCaw guy? I see nothing but a non starter on a division 2 ncaa team. Am I missing something? This guy is just pure, throw him into a wood chipper.
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